Messages of Peace

With warm, heartfelt applause, participants thanked the prayer leaders as they left the stage. Following this, two of the many distinguished guests attending the ceremony were invited to address participants with their own messages.

Moshe, Activist for entrepreneurship and international relations in the European Union

UniOne Prayer

We Are Blessed to Be Here Now…
We have the Choice
to Be or not to be Aware…

Is Living while Knowing that
Each and every One of Us
and All forms of Life
Are Unique, within Oneness,
Unique and One – UniOne

U n I One – UniOne

Now – unlimited in time
with no perception of separating the present, the past and the future,
Rather in Limitless time
Present, Past, Future as One

We Are UniOne PrePaFu…

Let Us join in Prayer in True Universal Communication & respect, let’s listen to each other:

Let’s enjoy a moment of Silence

Eternally Grateful to U for U…

(Two minutes of silence.)


Ven. Chung Ohun Lee, Chairperson of Won Buddhism America

I’d like to convey warm, heartfelt greetings from Won Buddhism International and Religions for Peace International to each every one of you, the participants in SOPP 2013.

This sacred place, Fuji Sanctuary, has a very strong spiritual energy and vibration, which inspires people to make a commitment to change humanity, one breath at a time. I must confess that I was hesitant to visit Japan for a long time, due to the history that I heard from my grandmother and my parents. My friends and colleagues at the United Nations and in the international interfaith movement asked me why again and again, and couldn’t understand it. When I was asked the same question again and again, one day I realized that I must initiate peaceful reconciliation myself. So, I took a two-week vacation. And my experience of Fuji Sanctuary and hiking on Mount Fuji has purified my karma.

I strongly believe that all humanity is in the same boat. This boat is shaking and sinking, because the people on board are fighting each other because of their own greed, anger, hatred, and delusions. We are here together at Fuji Sanctuary to save this sinking boat, by creating oneness of humanity. Let us practice together to strengthen our love and wisdom for all.

I’d like to conclude my greetings with my humble prayer. Thank you.

(spoken once by Dr. Lee alone, and then by all participants)
May all humanity be happy.
May all living beings be healthy.
May all humanity be safe.
May everyone on earth be content.
May all humanity love themselves just as they are.
May everyone practice loving kindness and compassion in their everyday activities.
May all humanity have the wisdom to see their own inner beauty and intrinsic goodness.
May all people feel a sense of the oneness of humanity.
May all humanity build peace and harmony with everyone else and everything else on our planet Earth.


Following these heartfelt messages, participants welcomed Ms. Neshama Carlebach and Mr. Josh Nelson back to the stage for another musical performance. Ms. Carlebach introduced the song by saying, “I offer this song as a prayer that we learn to embrace both the joy and the sorrow—the darkness and the light—of this world.” The duo gave a soulful, moving performance, inviting participants to join in at the chorus. They were thanked with extended applause as they left the stage.

Another guest at this year’s SOPP ceremony was Ms. Lilou Mace, a French American author, journalist, and producer who hosts an online video interview series called Lilou’s Juicy Living Tour, in which she talks with people from a wide range of fields and cultural backgrounds to provide inspiration for people everywhere. While in Japan, Ms. Mace recorded interviews with Byakko Chairperson Masami Saionji and Deputy Chairperson Yuka Saionji, prayer leaders Dato J. Jegathesan and Humayun A. Mughal, and youth participants Kazu Haga, Leah Pearlman, and Fremma Emannuel Kibibi. The interviews can be viewed on either of her websites: or

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