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2 events: Kirkby-on-Bain, Surrey

Kirkby-on-Bain, United Kingdom: report by Gena Chapman

A beautiful group of souls gathered together to celebrate the 2013 SOPP in the ‘quiet garden in the pines’ in Kirkby-on-Bain, Lincolnshire, England, hosted by Jill Hilton at her lovely home. Jill Hilton and Jil Greenewood welcomed the group and gave an explanation of the SOPP before all shared in a flag ceremony.

The group gathered in the garden adjacent to the Japanese Garden in the corner, which gave a wonderful connection with Japan and Fuji Sanctuary. After the flag ceremony, the group enjoyed tea and cake, with a chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful peace that we had created. This was followed by a didgeridoo meditation session facilitated by Gregg Chapman, allowing the energy to flow where it was needed. An impromptu and ancient divine prayer was sung by Prashanta and Shantida, which was full of love and gentle connection to all.


Surrey, United Kingdom: report by Joanna Newsom

I had a private but lovely ceremony here in Surrey early on the morning of May 19. I tuned in to the live broadcast from Fuji Sanctuary, and it was very exciting to be able to actually see Masami Saionji and Mount Fuji and all the beloved participants in the prayer field. My children loved seeing the flag ceremony when they woke up in the morning, and I am hoping next year to be joined by others to celebrate. After the SOPP, I am feeling light and connected and very, very happy. We are all connected. Love and light to all who participated, and infinite peace to all the world!

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