United Kingdom

Kirkby-on-Bain, United Kingdom: report by Gena Chapman

In the beautiful garden at Courtlands in Kirkby-on-Bain, Lincolnshire, we celebrated world peace. We thank Jill and Peter Hilton for enabling us to use their wonderful space for such a beautiful celebration. Jil Greenewood led a meditation to bring us into harmony, and invoked a sense of peace and unity. Gregg and Gena Chapman introduced the flags, and the group gathered to send prayers of peace to all the countries of the world. This was followed by a didgeridoo sound healing session led by Gregg Chapman.

Our beautiful host Jill Hilton provided tea and cakes, after which we gathered again, as Jil Greenewood invited us to choose a card with a message that might resonate with us at that particular time and invoke a peaceful state. We were then invited to walk the garden in silence, in tune with nature in the resonance of tranquility. The birds sang and the sun shone as we enjoyed nature’s song.

As we gathered together once again, Jane Wise led us to sing together in harmony, the power of song lifting the vibration emanating from our souls. To close the afternoon, we hugged each other and thanked each other for taking part in this wonderful celebration, and everyone said they felt blessed to be part of it.

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