2 events: La Reja and Moreno, Los Polvorines

La Reja and Moreno, Argentina: report by Elena Becú

On the 16th of May, a bright warm day, we held a joyful celebration with around 200 participants in La Reja, a town just outside Buenos Aires. Most of the people present were from organizations connected with a change in consciousness, and for the planet, for many years. It was a kind of reunion, something we had been planning to manifest at this time.

There was a feeling of unity, with zero ego, which was made more patent when at 16:40 we tuned in to the pre-dawn ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary, and we were able to see Mr. and Mrs. Saionji and Dr. Laszlo launching this wonderful program. Everyone wanted to take a picture of this moment with themselves and the large screen! We felt the vibration of the participants at Fuji Sanctuary. It was an elevating moment for everyone, and to know that so many others were also celebrating this launch at that very moment was indeed thrilling.

People from 16 organizations were present. It was very moving to hear the representatives from the various organizations explain why they were signing the Fuji Declaration. Each word they spoke created the world which we all aspire to build.

After this, with the vibration at its highest, we did a flag ceremony to pray for peace in each country and region on earth. The ceremony was very powerful, ending with participants in two circles, looking at each other, and finally a dance to close.

While we were cleaning up many participants stayed around, not wanting to lose this sublime light and feeling of accomplishment. Many people asked: “What comes next?”

A video of the event can be viewed online at:

The next day, we led a flag ceremony to open the Moreno Zen gathering in nearby Moreno city. This is a gathering which lasts for two days, in which vendors offer goods related to health, and there are activities and lectures which you can join in for free. Some 60 people participated in the flag ceremony.


Los Polvorines, Argentina: report by Elena Becú

24 participants attended the SOPP celebration in Los Polvorines, outside Buenos Aires, on the 17th of May. We gave out brochures with the Fuji Declaration and then explained how participants could sign the declaration if they wished. We read the text of the declaration, and then we held a meditation with the sacred syllable “Om”, and with sounds of Mother Earth.

The host of the event, Mrs Matilde Pruzzo, explained why she had signed the declaration and the read the article by Masami Saionji addressed to overseas SOPP events. We went outdoors to do our short flag ceremony to pray for peace in all nations and regions of the world, and ended the meeting with a song which has the word ‘peace’ in many languages, singing and dancing together. Later we shared some food, celebrating with joy what we had just created.

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