Mexico City, Mexico: report by Claudia González

Two SOPP events were held in Mexico City this year. The first was an event called “Being in Harmony with the World,” held on the 17th of May at the main Brahma Kumaris Centre. 20 people took part in the event, including one special guest, Mrs. Alicia Rodriguez, President of the International Committee for the Banner of Peace.

Mrs. Rodriguez offered some words about the importance of peace, first in one’s own self and then in all our activities. During a group meditation, some words by Mother Teresa, Saint Francis of Assisi, and Dadi Janki of the Brahma Kumaris were read aloud, accompanied by sweet music. Also, the Fuji Declaration was read as a meditation, and when we closed the event we asked people to learn more about the Fuji Declaration.

One participant commented: “Being in meditation was a great opportunity to help the peace of Mexico City, of the country, and the world. It was a great experience, and I could feel the good intentions of all the participants and the SOPP organizers, as well as the Banner of Peace and Brahma Kumaris.” Another said: “It is very important to dedicate some time during the day to send peace to the world, and most important is to send vibrations of love, peace and happiness to Mother Earth and all the people of the world. The atmosphere created by all of us in the same vibration of peace and harmony will surely have an impact in the universe on this day.”

The second event, also on the 17th of May, was held during the ExpoSer health and well-being trade show at the World Trade Center Mexico City. 21 participants took part, and a Náhuatl musical group were special guests.

The Náhuatl group played musical bowls to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony, filling the room with this vibration. After a while, a meditation for sending peace to the elements was shared with the public, then we sang a song in Náhuatl offering words of peace to Mother Earth. We also invited people to create a circle with the national flags, with the feeling that “peace prevails on Earth.” Finally, we held a meditation for all the people in the world who need peace, and when we closed the event we invited the people to know more about Fuji Declaration.

One participant commented: “In the world it is becoming more and more common to see a lack of the values and good manners which enable the inner qualities of every human being. Somehow, to contribute to finding paths that lead us to a world of peace in these moments of violence against ourselves and others, has a transcendental meaning—it is the first step for awakening people and making them realize that their thoughts and actions are the beginning of building a better story for humanity.” Another remarked: “The most important part was the atmosphere of peace, harmony, and love for humanity. The energy of every flag brought forth in myself the feeling of caring for the whole world, every human being, through my thoughts, words and actions.”

Thank you for sharing once again the opportunity for us to feel united, with love and peace for all humanity.

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