2 events: Gdańsk, Szklarska Poręba

Gdańsk, Poland: report by Danuta Stopieńska

We celebrated the SOPP in Gdańsk on the 17th of May. Our group consisted of over a dozen people (the youngest one was only 4 months old). We started by talking about the purpose of our gathering. The Earth flag was raised and we read the Fuji Declaration together and talked about its meaning.

We offered a prayer for the awakening of humanity, with the intention of creating peace on Earth. Next, we had a peace prayer and blessing from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. From the Christian tradition, we prayed the Lord’s prayer, the Hail Mary, the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi and a set of Christian precepts. Then we held a meditation, concentrating on the physical body and the peace of the soul.

At the end, we conducted a peace prayer ceremony with the flags of each nation. Then, we stood in a circle around the flag mandala and sent love, light, harmony and peace from our hearts to the whole Earth—joining with the ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary and all people who were praying in all parts of the world.



Szklarska Poręba, Poland: report by Darek Michalski

On May 17, together with a group of friends, we hosted a gathering in Szklarska Poręba (near Jelenia Góra). We gathered to celebrate the annual Symphony of Peace Prayers. The gathering began with a reading of the Fuji Declaration. We talked a bit about the background of the declaration, all the way back to the teachings of Masahisa Goi. Next, while connected with all the people celebrating around the world, we performed wordless prayers for the peace and awakening of ourselves and all humanity. We also created a large handwritten mandala with an intention for peace on Earth.

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