2 events: Grillby and Helsingborg


Grillby, Sweden: report by Zygmunt Mach

On Sunday, 15 May, I did an early morning meditation and connected with the people around the world celebrating the SOPP, and with the ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary where thousands of people had gathered to pray for peace. I sat in the beautiful natural surroundings near a lake close to Grillby, and visualized all the people around the world being happy and living in peace and harmony. The main reason for the meditation was to create a balance in energy between men and women, to realize the aim of the Soul of WoMen campaign. After my meditation, I prayed for peace in Sweden, Japan, Poland and all other countries. I felt great happiness and joy.


Helsingborg, Sweden: report by Maria Caterina Putignano

In Helsingborg, Sweden, a women’s group called “Severno e siyana” joined in offering prayers for peace on May 15, connecting with SOPP events taking place around the world.

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