5 events: Jezow Sudecki, Pewel Wielka, Warsaw, Węsiory, Zachełmie


Jezow Sudecki, Poland: report by Jacek Kozłowski

This year, in connection with the SOPP at Fuji Sanctuary, we gathered around 200 people at Glider Mountain in Jezow Sudecki, near Jelenia Gora. That day, pilots from Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany came together and manifested unity, friendship and peace. On that special day, we held a peace pole dedication ceremony with local authorities, citizens of the area and a guest from Japan.

During the ceremony, an aircraft flew across the sky pulling a banner with the message May Peace Prevail on Earth in Polish, made possible by the Aeroclub of Jelenia Gora. Our friends from Karkonoshe Aikido Association gave an Aikido presentation demonstrating the Way of Harmony. In addition, the guest from Japan taught us Japanese calligraphy using positive words. Participants also received a copy of the Fuji Declaration. It was a great opportunity to manifest oneness with all humanity.


Pewel Wielka, Poland: report by Adam Krzoska

I performed wordless prayers and meditated for peace—in the morning in Pewel Wielka and in the afternoon in Katowice with friends. It was beautiful to feel connected with people all around the world in prayers for peace. The energy was great!


Warsaw, Poland: report by Waldemar Jozwiak

I connected with the SOPP on my own late in the evening on Sunday, May 20th. I started with oneness meditation and wordless prayers, and then I watched the live broadcast from Fuji Sanctuary. I prayed for peace in each country, continent, and region, and concluded by forming the Divine Spark IN 49 times.


Węsiory, Poland: report by Danuta Stopienska

A group of 21 friends held an SOPP event in connection with the SOPP at Fuji Sanctuary on 20 May. At the beginning, we gathered around the Earth flag and read the Fuji Declaration. After that, we performed wordless prayers for peace. We also offered peace prayers from the Catholic and Buddhist traditions. Later, we sent peace prayers to each country. At the end we held a meditation, sending love and light to all humanity, with joy and gratitude.


Zachełmie, Poland: report by Ewa Zlotkowska

My daughter Anita and I held a silent peace meditation and offered prayers for peace. We also read the Fuji Declaration. It was a special day filled with love and joy.

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