Prayers for Peace in Each Country

The second main program in the SOPP is a ceremony of prayers for peace in each country and region on earth. This ceremony has been conducted at Fuji Sanctuary for over 30 years and in that time has spread worldwide, as a solemn yet joyful and beautiful way to send wishes for peace and happiness to people in every part of the world.

A stirring orchestral score, composed for the ceremony by Mr. Kenichi Yamamoto, filled the sanctuary as flag bearers proceeded forth from the back of the Prayer Field, carrying the flags of 193 nations and an Earth flag representing all other regions. Participants clapped along with the music as the flag bearers paused in the aisles, then congregated in front of the stage, the colorful array of world flags blowing in the wind in one unified, harmonious collage.

Then, the flag bearers exited the field and lined up to present the flags on stage. The ceremony began with the sound of a bell and the universal prayer May peace prevail on Earth. As each country’s name was announced, its flag was presented at center stage, and participants prayed May peace be in (name of country) in the country’s official language(s). Lastly, the Earth flag was presented, and participants prayed, May peace be in all the other regions of the world. May peace prevail on Earth, after which the bell sounded once more.

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