Rio de Janeiro: report by Hiroko Atkins

The weather forecast had called for cloudy skies, but instead, May 20 was a clear and refreshing autumn day in Rio. This was the second time we invited spiritual leaders for an SOPP ceremony. Unfortunately, I had work to attend to on that day and was unable to take part in the ceremony, so I left it in the hands of Byakko satellite member Inês de Fátima Bittencourt.

We held the ceremony at the Anglican church Paróquia Anglicana da Santíssima Trindade, the same place as last year. The three prayer leaders were Fr. Eduardo Costa (Anglican), Evangelino Filho from the Spiritualist movement, and Dona Eunicedias Rayol (Catholic). The 21 participants carried the flags in a ceremony of prayer for peace in each country.

After the ceremony, Ms. Bittencourt commented: “I’m so happy to have participated in the 2012 SOPP in Rio de Janeiro. I thank God for the bright day with the sun shining so beautifully. I was honored to help with this ceremony. Every time I take part in this movement, I feel my spirit and soul getting happier, and love grows strongly in my heart.”

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