Three events: Chillán, San Alfonso, Santiago

Chillán: report by Carolina Flores

With my heart overwhelmed with joy, I share with you the wonderful experience of the first SOPP prayer gathering in Chillán. A group of precious angels gathered for this initiative, with much love and dedication, and made this event possible. We had prayers, meditation, mandalas of gratitude, and dances. The vibrations of this gathering reach out infinitely, multiplying as they connect with our brothers and sisters in different parts of the world.


San Alfonso, Chile: report by Marta Rojas

On May 20, we gathered with 35 beautiful angels at the Tremonhue Spiritual Center in San Alfonso, in the Maipo Canyon, close to the Andes Mountains. We took some time to pray and dance for peace. Participants described feeling a wonderful energy of peace, joy, love, and unity. Here are the words of our peace song:

As One we walk this earth together. As One we sing to Her our song. As One we love Her. As One we heal Her. Her heart beats with ours as One. As One we join with Her, our Mother. As One we sing our sacred song.


Santiago, Chile: report by Sandra Contreras

Once again, the light shone in Santiago for the Symphony of Peace Prayers, in unity, peace and joy. The energy on this day was very special, and there was a feeling of warmth in our gathering. Everything was prepared beautifully and in harmony by friends.

About 160 people gathered, which was really amazing since the following day was a holiday. Prayer leaders represented Buddhism, Catholicism, Krishna Consciousness, Kundalini, the Baha’i faith, Brahma Kumaris, Aboriginal peoples, and Free Thinkers, and we also had a prayer from Byakko Shinko Kai. The prayers were diverse, profound, and splendid, and all of them were received with great respect and emotion.

We held a meditation for the countries of each continent. A Shaman group celebrated our Mother Earth, with drums, sounds of nature, and sacred scents. Once more we have united with all others who on this day were praying for peace to prevail on earth.

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