Two events: Las Piedras, Solymar

Las Piedras: report by Elena Becú

On May 20, we gathered from 10 am to 5 pm, in a farm house with a very beautiful view. With 30 participants in all, we started with a yoga class. Then, we held a flag ceremony to pray for peace in each country, and planted a peace pole. In the afternoon, we held a mandala workshop while some of the participants received Reiki healing treatment, and then we had a class in tai chi. We finished the day with a prayer without words.

Here is what one of the participants said about this day: “I have no words to express what I lived on this day, and from what I have heard from others, we all shared in the bliss of this amazing day. This was especially so for those who attended this kind of event for the first time. They felt awed by the energy. I am very grateful that we have crossed paths.”


Solymar: report by Elena Becú

At a public park in Solymar, 25 people took part in a gathering on May 19. Each of the participants contributed by helping to lead an activity. We engaged in yoga, Reiki, tai chi, meditations, and dances. Then, we held a flag ceremony to close the gathering.

It was a wonderful event overflowing with energy and connection. Everything was easy, without conflict and without effort. I could feel the commitment of all the participants, and I felt that the boundaries between different groups were breaking down, as we were able to speak the common language of peace. I sensed that the energy of oneness is being manifested more and more strongly in our consciousness. Each group of participants brought with them their own light, and the flag ceremony was so touching that some of the participants were crying at the end of it. We affirmed our intention to meet again on September 21 (International Day of Peace) and on December 22 (Birth 2012).


We would like to thank the many people who joined in peace prayer and meditation gatherings that are not included in this report. Our deepest gratitude goes out to all those who gave their time and energy, their hearts and souls, for peace on Earth.

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