Photo Galleries 2019

Fuji Sanctuary, Japan

The 15th annual SOPP ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary was held on May 19, 2019, with thousands of participants attending and more joining in the live internet broadcast. Byakko President Tomohiko Naya and Chairperson Masami Saionji gave opening remarks. Prayer leaders from from six faith traditions led prayers for peace, musical guest Mr. Setsuo Miyashita performed on the santoor, and three guest speakers—Dr. Peter Jiseok Jung, Dr. Shlomo Alon, and Fr. Dr. James Channan OP—offered messages of peace. In a grand flag ceremony, participants prayed for peace in each country and region on earth and offered a prayer of Gratitude for All Life. Participants held up their own flag cards as the flags were presented on stage. Yuka Saionji closed the ceremony with heartfelt remarks.

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