SOPP 2023 — For a World Connected by Prayer

19th annual Symphony of Peace Prayers. Online May 21, 2023SOPP 2023:
Circulation – A World Connected by Prayer

When we quiet our mind and pray, we feel the prayerful life of all living things.”
(From Masami Saionji’s SOPP prayer “Creation of the Universe”)

Even if we are not aware of it, the land, mountains, oceans, plants, air, water, and the planet earth itself are always sending prayers throughout this world.

When each of us begins to quiet our minds and pray, surrounded by the prayers of great nature, the boundaries that separate those who pray and those who are prayed for, those who give and those who receive, and those who influence and those who are affected, will disappear, and before long they will connect with each other, resonate with each other, and create an immense cycle of energy.

We had nearly lost sight of this ‘circulation’ of prayer, but the various prayers of saints, sages, and other spiritually-minded people around the world have revived it.

This year marks the 19th annual Symphony of Peace Prayers, and over these years we, too, have continued to pray, transcending the many boundaries we created in the past—religious and sectarian boundaries, ideological boundaries, national borders, and the separation of human beings from nature.

Each year we have held the SOPP, the network of prayer has spread more widely throughout the world, and we have experienced a worldview so boundless that even as we send out prayers, we are receiving prayers from somewhere else in the world at the same time.

Prayers are not one-directional, nor do they disappear into the sand. They reach and resonate among all that is sacred, eventually returning to us. In this way, we ourselves have experienced how prayer creates a cycle of sanctity and divinity.

And now, as if inspired by the echoes of prayers that are resonating with each other and circulating the globe, divine prayers are spontaneously overflowing within people everywhere.

As each individual’s divine prayer flows forth and begins its own circulation, the world as a whole will undergo great change.

At the Symphony of Peace Prayers to be held on Sunday, May 21, under the theme of “Circulation – A World Connected by Prayer,” the prayers of each individual will resonate in harmony, and together we will generate a great current of circulation.

We hope you will join us online again this year. Please visit the SOPP 2023 page for more information.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.