What is the SOPP?

The Symphony of Peace Prayers builds upon our diversity to create a sense of oneness. Through our collaboration, and by bringing our hearts together, we are building a peaceful world.
– Masami Saionji, Fuji Sanctuary, 2012

Building a peaceful world begins with each and every one of us. We are being called upon to transcend our differences in faith, creed, ethnicity, nationality, and background, and come together with an elevated consciousness to forge a new path of light going forward. The Symphony of Peace Prayers aims to be the vehicle for this global transformation.

The Symphony of Peace Prayers (SOPP) is, as the name says, a ‘symphony’ of different faiths, traditions, and cultures coming together in harmony to pray with one voice for peace on earth. It is a worldwide peace event that is celebrated every year in May.

Sharing in prayers from diverse faiths and traditions

At the core of the SOPP is its unique prayer ceremony, in which prayer leaders representing diverse faiths and spiritual traditions each lend their voices to offer prayers, wishes, and messages of peace. As they share in one another’s prayers, joined by all participants, this ceremony sends a powerful message of unity and harmony. Prayer leaders need not be people of religious status—anyone who wishes to share a heartfelt prayer for peace can be a prayer leader at the SOPP.

When we open ourselves to sharing in each other’s prayers, we discover the message of peace and love that is at the heart of every spiritual faith and tradition. As people of different faiths come together with a common goal of building a peaceful world, we take a significant step outside our everyday boundaries, toward a oneness of all humanity.

Praying for peace in each country and region on earth

In addition to celebrating religious harmony, participants at an SOPP ceremony are invited to give expression to our common wish for peace and harmony among humanity. With one voice, we offer prayers for peace in each country and region on our planet. Often, the flags of each nation are used as symbols to help participants send their prayerful energy to the people of that country.

The ‘prayers’ in this part of the ceremony are not prayers of a particular faith or creed. Rather, they are affirmations of our sincere wish for peace and our deep love for all humanity.

A growing network of peace

With each passing year, more and more people take part in the SOPP, and the vibrations of peace and unity spread to more and more corners of the globe. In addition to its traditional celebration in May, the SOPP has also become an inspiration to other peace and spiritual events held throughout the year, such as the International Day of Peace in September and other peace initiatives.

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