Below are some of the wonderful comments received from participants and organizers of recent SOPP events held around the world:

Across the planet, people like us sustained their strong, committed faith and belief that our thoughts create our reality. We created true oneness, not in theory, not in the mind, but in the actual physical plane, without discrimination, without the interference of personal desires.
– Buenos Aires, Argentina

When I stop to think that similar ceremonies are being held simultaneously, in spirit, all over the globe, I am deeply moved and edified. The SOPP has moved from its beginnings in Japan to all corners of the earth, and still growing. Greatly Accomplished!
– Geelong, Australia

I felt so much connectedness of love and joy and oneness within a community. I felt like my heart was so open and connected with everyone there, especially when we sang together. I initiated holding hands with those next to me as we sang ‘Imagine’ because it was like we were one big heart together and it felt like we had done this before. And then, of course, everyone was holding hands and singing together and imagining peace!
– Melbourne, Australia

Each year, when the Symphony of Peace Prayers is coming up, I can feel my consciousness changing. My behavior becomes calmer, more peaceful, and more loving, because I say to myself: the day of the event is coming, and if I don’t have peace within me, how can I give peace to the world?
– Perth, Australia

Watching and listening to the participants while they were holding the flag cards, I suddenly recognized that I really love them for being different. There was so much acceptance and tolerance. I never felt like this before. Thank you!
– Bad Kissingen, Germany

We felt a deep sense of gratitude for the planet Earth, and seeing all the colorful flags helped us to remember that we are part of something bigger than our country—we are all citizens of the world and of the entire universe. I truly believe that a new planet filled with love, happiness and harmony is possible and is waiting for us to realize it.
– Monfalcone, Italy

Under the sun, we felt the love and light that unites us as brothers and sisters. What remains in our existence, if we don’t love and feel loved? Then, together, we concluded with our common prayer: Now is peace… Now is oneness… Now is light… Now is love… May my life and the earth be in harmony.
– Ragusa, Italy

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. Thank you for allowing me to reconnect to this ultimate truth—that we are all ONE! If only our vision of the infinite possibilities could be projected in everyone’s heart! I do believe!
– Kiryat Ono, Israel

The ceremony was filled with ancient traditions, their voice, their songs, their prayers, and the copal smoke, blessing everyone and elevating us to heaven. Toltecs, Mayas, Olmecs, Totonacos, Masons, Catholics, Universalists united for this moment of Peace.
– Mexico City, Mexico

Spirituality unites us all, and this, we believe, is a very spiritual event. May this event continue so that peace may truly prevail on Earth.
– Baguio, Philippines

Some participants said that they felt the energy of the collective intentions of the group rising up to heaven, joining the SOPP prayers of others around the world, and blessing the Earth all together with peace and healing.
– Manila, Philippines

The world is beautiful, we are beautiful, and our heart connected to the rest of the living world is the best tool to overcome our fears and divisions.
– Mallorca, Spain

Thank you so much for holding a beautiful ceremony this afternoon. I feel very touched by it. One of the callings for me being at Findhorn is to help realise peace in the world and in all hearts. Since the event, the question ‘What more can I do/be on the inner and outer to help this happen?’ feels more alive in me.
– Findhorn, Scotland, United Kingdom

This was truly a magical day. The energy was magnificent. Waves of wonderful vibrations permeated my body, and I felt like I was in heaven. Towards the end we did not have many dry eyes. It was an honour to be involved and take part, and this experience has helped me tremendously in continuing on developing my spiritual path.
– Lincoln, United Kingdom

As we read the names of each country and prayed ‘May peace be in (name of country),’ I often felt close to tears. I had tears of sadness for the current struggles of the people for whom war has too often been part of everyday life, but also tears of joy in knowing that our prayers for peace would reach each person in each country, and help them strengthen the divine spark that lives in each of their hearts!
– Iowa City, United States

The feeling of unity in diversity was created at this moment. Everyone present said they felt a strong desire in their heart to be part of the creation of this new world, even if it is not very clear how it is going to develop, and even considering the difficulties of breaking away from the old paradigm of separateness. The spark of the desire has come into consciousness, and it can’t be stopped. It has already been created.
– Montevideo, Uruguay


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