Our Vision for the Symphony of Peace Prayers

The SOPP is an extraordinary way to bring people together from the heart, transcending any differences. It focuses on what unites us, our essence, the truth that comes from the heart, the pure feeling of light that we express. That purity is what we send, together, in a spirit of oneness, to the world.
– SOPP organizer in Madrid, Spain

In the 21st century, we are seeing a gradual but steady shift in our civilization. It is a shift from material values to spiritual values, and from a reliance on governments and institutions to rebirth in individual responsibility. We are living in a time when each individual needs to take the responsibility and initiative for creating the kind of world that we wish to see—a world of peace and harmony. In order to do this, what is needed is no less than a large-scale elevation and transformation in humanity’s consciousness.

The Symphony of Peace Prayers is a new kind of peace event—one that respects and honors the diversity of religious and spiritual traditions while at the same time transcending the differences in faith, ethnicity, and culture that have historically separated human beings and brought about conflicts between us.

As we share in each other’s prayers and celebrate the message of peace that is at the heart of every spiritual tradition, and then pray with one voice for all the world’s people to live in peace, we are giving expression to a beautiful future for our planet Earth. As the waves of love, harmony, and peace converge from points around the world and encircle the planet in light, we are bringing humanity one step closer to this future that we envision.

2015: Dawn of a spiritual civilization

Some years ago, Masami Saionji offered her vision for the 2015 Symphony of Peace Prayers:

In 2015, I believe that the accumulated energy of our prayers will bring about a turning point in human history. For the first time in recorded history, humanity will welcome a spiritual culture on Earth.

As we move from a materialistic to a spiritual consciousness, and ultimately to a universal consciousness, human beings will at last attain an awareness of their own sanctity and divinity. At that time, all humanity will experience the truth that we are not separate from others, but are one with nature and all living beings. We will recover our intrinsic ability to heal ourselves and the earth.

Today, this vision has become manifest in the form of the Fuji Declaration, a universal charter urging a rebirth of humanity’s sacred consciousness—its divine spark—for a transformation in our civilization. From the Fuji Declaration website:

The smooth transition from a world of chaos to one of harmony, depends upon the consciousness, values and actions held by each and every individual. The Fuji Declaration encourages the conscious renaissance of each member of humanity leading in turn to a conscious transformation in the various social spheres representing our global community.

As the venue for the official inauguration of the Fuji Declaration, the Symphony of Peace Prayers further broadens its scope in 2015. The SOPP and the Fuji Declaration are closely linked in their mission to break down old barriers and ways of thinking and open the door to a world of spiritual values—a world of lasting peace, true prosperity, and harmonious coexistence.

We look forward to a fruitful partnership with the Fuji Declaration, as we forge ahead together on the path to a flourishing planetary civilization.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.


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