Participating in the SOPP makes me feel that I am part of a powerful movement in the world – a movement of transformative energy. To be part of this wave of healing energy, both for human beings and for the planet, makes me feel that peace is possible.

– SOPP organizer in Mexico

The power of the SOPP comes from the peace-minded thoughts, the harmonious energy, and the light-filled vibrations of each and every individual who participates. Whether you offer prayers alone in your home or organize a ceremony with hundreds of people, you are contributing to the waves of love, peace, and light that surround the planet and help guide humanity toward a more harmonious future.

Here’s how you can be part of the next SOPP:

Join an event in your area

Check the map for events taking place in your region of the world, and if possible, contact the organizer for more information about participating. If no contact information is available, please contact us for up-to-date information.

Host an SOPP ceremony or peace gathering

If there is no event taking place near you, you can organize your own ceremony or gathering. It’s easier than you might think, and the possibilities are endless!

At the simplest level, you can invite a few peace-minded friends to your home to share in prayers or a meditation for peace. If you wish, you can offer prayers for peace in each country, or in each part of the world. If you want to involve more people, hold your gathering in a larger space such as a public square or park, a community center, or a place of worship. Publicize the event to attract even more participants.

Make your gathering into a beautiful celebration! Past events have included music, songs, and dancing, activities for connecting with nature and honoring indigenous traditions, universal prayers and meditations for peace, and workshops in a variety of spiritual practices. Activities may also be planned around the attendance of special guests and participants. If you are looking for ideas, read the reports of past events in our Archives page.

For resources and practical tools to help plan your gathering, please see the Resources page.

If at all possible, please take photos (and optionally video footage) of your event along with a brief report, so that we can include your event in our photo gallery and future commemorative publications.
We will get in touch with you after the events. Please register your event.
Of course, we will not display or publish anything that you do not wish to share with others.

Register your event!

If you are planning to host a local ceremony or peace gathering, please register your event on our website so that everyone will know about it.

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