The Fuji Declaration — Ignite the divine spark!

Fuji DeclarationThe Symphony of Peace Prayers is overjoyed to celebrate the launch of the Fuji Declaration global website!

The Fuji Declaration is much more than a simple document. It is an international alliance of individuals and organizations that share a commitment to work toward a more harmonious, compassionate, and sustainable world. It is also a call to all humanity to awaken to and nurture the ‘divine spark,’ or sacred spirit, within each and every one of us. As this spark is ignited and our full human potential unlocked, we will catalyze a shift in the course of human civilization.

Since the launch of the website on the March 13, over 800 signatories have endorsed the declaration. These include notable individuals such as Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, Ravi Shankar, and Oscar Arias Sánchez. Many more are signing the declaration every day online, and there are also Fuji Declaration pages on Facebook and Twitter, for news updates and to continue the global conversation.

The vision of the Fuji Declaration—to “overcome the hold of obsolete ideas and thinking that underlie today’s unsustainable trajectory and design a more harmonious and flourishing civilization for the coming generations”—is closely in line with the vision and ideals of the Symphony of Peace Prayers, and the SOPP is honored to provide the stage for the inauguration ceremony during the beautiful program that will take place on May 17.

We believe that the combined energy of the Fuji Declaration and the SOPP will merge together amidst the prayerful vibrations of Fuji Sanctuary, from where they will take flight and open doors around the world to a new civilization based on the dignity and oneness of all life.

Both the Fuji Declaration and the Symphony of Peace Prayers belong to all of us. They are meant to be embraced and celebrated by all human beings from all walks of life, so that together, we can raise our global consciousness and begin to live by a new set of values, in harmony with nature and all life on earth. This transformation is enormous, but it is absolutely possible, and the more people who lend their spirits to this movement, the faster the tide will turn.

We invite everyone to join with us in celebrating the Fuji Declaration and the 2015 Symphony of Peace Prayers.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.