May 17, 2015 — Dawn of a new era in human civilization!


From the foothills of magnificent Mount Fuji, we invite peace-loving people near and far to join in celebrating the 11th annual Symphony of Peace Prayers, to be held at Fuji Sanctuary on May 17, 2015!

The 2015 SOPP will be the largest and most significant one yet, featuring the inauguration of the Fuji Declaration, an international charter that affirms the innate, sacred consciousness of all humanity, and treats this as the basis for creating a more peaceful way of life on earth. This universal declaration is now being endorsed by leading individuals and organizations in many different fields, and it will soon take its place on the world stage, with the bold intention of transforming human civilization to create lasting peace on earth. For more information, please visit the Fuji Declaration website.

Celebrated by tens of thousands of people around the world each year, the SOPP is a global celebration of harmony and oneness among all humanity, where people transcend differences of religion, nationality, and culture to join together in prayers for peace. It aims to generate waves of love and light that will build a future world where all people live in peace and harmony. The Fuji Declaration, which focuses on humanity’s sacred spirit as the basis for a new civilization, is closely linked with the purpose and spirit of the SOPP, and thus the SOPP is a perfect venue for inaugurating this historic document.

To learn more about the SOPP’s mission and core programs, please click here. Continue browsing the website for more information, inspiring photos, videos, and messages, and more!

Once again, the ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary is set to be broadcast live online, so that people around the world can watch and join in the ceremony. In addition, on or near May 17, people in all parts of the world will connect with the powerful energy generated at Fuji Sanctuary, holding local SOPP ceremonies and peace gatherings, or simply offering prayers in private or with a small group of friends.

We invite and encourage everyone to be part of the 2015 SOPP, at Fuji Sanctuary or wherever you are! Please visit the Get Involved page for more information on joining or hosting an SOPP event. If you know that you will be organizing an event this year, please register it on the SOPP website! Even if you are holding a closed or private gathering, please register it to let us know that it is happening! 2015 events will appear on the SOPP world map beginning in February or March.

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We look forward to a successful and transformative event in 2015!

May Peace Prevail on Earth!