2017 Fuji SOPP

Seeking Balance Within and Without

Prayers for peace, harmony, and balance, and a global wave of unity were at the core of the thirteenth annual Symphony of Peace Prayers (SOPP), which was celebrated around the world in May 2017. Fuji Sanctuary in Shizuoka, Japan, the global home of the SOPP, welcomed over 10,000 participants and guests on Sunday, May 14, while thousands more joined the event online or took part in ceremonies and gatherings all across the globe.

On the second anniversary of the launch of the Fuji Declaration (fujideclaration.org) and one year after the start of the Soul of WoMen Global Campaign (fujideclaration.org/soulofwomen), the 2017 Symphony of Peace Prayers continued to support the work of these landmark initiatives with its theme of ‘balance between the divine feminine and divine masculine’. On Friday, May 12, a Fuji Declaration Symposium in Tokyo brought together an international group of thought leaders working in diverse fields to discuss how to co-create a world in harmony and balance. Many of the Symposium’s participants then traveled to Fuji Sanctuary, joining well over 100 prayer leaders and other distinguished guests at the Symphony of Peace Prayers.

For the fifth consecutive year, the ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary was broadcast live online, where over 1,000 additional people around the world joined in the event. For many SOPP supporters who were not involved in a local gathering, the online broadcast provided a way to make a physical connection with others as they joined hearts in praying together for peace. The full broadcast can be viewed online at bit.ly/sopp2017.

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