2018 Fuji SOPP

Living in Harmony for a Future of Peace

For the fourteenth consecutive year, thousands of people filled the outdoor prayer field at Fuji Sanctuary in Shizuoka, Japan, for the 2018 Symphony of Peace Prayers, to build a wave of peace and harmony among all peoples and faiths on planet Earth.

Along with more than 5,000 participants at Fuji Sanctuary on Sunday, May 20, many more joined in the ceremony through a live online broadcast, and in all parts of the world, people joined SOPP ceremonies and prayer gatherings, or simply sent out their own heartfelt prayers for peace at home, all contributing their part to constructing a new, radiant future for humankind.

Marking the third anniversary of the Fuji Declaration (fujideclaration.org), the 2018 SOPP continued to focus on realizing and manifesting the divine spark within oneself and in humanity as a whole, in order to bring peace to the world. This year, participants were introduced to the Divine Spark IN, a new method for achieving this very aim. In the religious prayers, guest speeches, and this year’s musical performance, the message rang out that peace in the world begins in our own hearts and minds—that when we bring our inner energies into a state of balance and harmony, we become a shining light for all humanity.

The full broadcast from Fuji Sanctuary can be viewed online at bit.ly/SOPP2018.

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