2019 Fuji SOPP

15 Years of Interfaith Harmony and Global Prayers for Peace

With hearts and voices united for peace, the fifteenth annual Symphony of Peace Prayers (SOPP) was celebrated at Fuji Sanctuary in Shizuoka, Japan, on May 19, 2019. This year again, thousands made their way to the sanctuary from all over Japan and abroad, even braving the threat of rain, for the sole purpose of offering prayers for peace and affirming the oneness of all humankind, beyond any differences in religion, culture, and ideology. Many more joined the ceremony online, where it was broadcast live.

Around the world, dozens of local SOPP events were held during the month of May, many of them in sync with the ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary. Whether at gatherings large or small, or simply on their own at home, people from all parts of the world took time to send out thoughts and prayers for the peace and harmony of all humanity and all life on earth.

In 2018, SOPP participants were introduced to the Divine Spark IN, a new, wordless prayer for reawakening our innate divine consciousness. Over the past year, the Divine Spark IN has spread widely across the globe, and made its way into many of this year’s SOPP celebrations. At Fuji Sanctuary, participants basked in the energy as a large group of presenters performed the IN on stage, complete with vocal guidance and musical accompaniment. Prayer leaders, guest speakers and musical guest Mr. Setsuo Miyashita added to the vibrations of peace that flowed from the foot of Mount Fuji out to the universe.

The full broadcast from Fuji Sanctuary can be viewed on our SOPP 2019 page.

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