Celebrating Soul of WoMen

This year’s SOPP featured a special program to celebrate the Soul of WoMen Global Campaign, an initiative of the Fuji Declaration to reawaken the ‘divine feminine’ for a more balanced world.

Participants welcomed on stage the ten distinguished leaders who had traveled from overseas to take part in the Soul of WoMen Global Network Gathering held in Tokyo on May 13. They were joined on stage by Masami Saionji and her husband Hiroo Saionji, President of the Goi Peace Foundation.

To begin, Mr. Hiroo Saionji spoke about the Soul of WoMen campaign and the gathering in Tokyo. He then introduced each of the gathering’s participants, who offered a very brief message to those gathered for the SOPP.


Hiroo Saionji, President of the Goi Peace Foundation

Two days ago, in Tokyo, we held the Soul of WoMen Global Network Gathering. I would like to talk a little about it. As you may know, the Fuji Declaration was launched in May of last year. A formal inauguration ceremony was held as part of the SOPP at Fuji Sanctuary. I’m sure many of you participated in that event.

Since then, we have made progress in various ways. The Fuji Declaration has brought about an awareness of humanity’s oneness and our divine spark among more people. This declaration is about making a change in our mindset, and by changing our mindset, we can transform the systems of our society. That is the intention of this movement.

The Conscious Business Declaration was launched in the field of business, based on the Fuji Declaration, and various individuals and organizations are carrying this movement forward. We also shared the Fuji Declaration at the Milan Expo and at COP21 in Paris. These are some of the ways we have made progress since last year.

This year, as part of our efforts to promote the principles of the Fuji Declaration, we felt it was important to turn our attention to something that is too often hidden away in our society, and that is the divine feminine. The basis of our affluent civilization is in outward energy, strength, and power, which are associated with the masculine. These traits are very important, but on the other hand, the qualities of the divine feminine—motherly love, affection, compassion, and gentleness—have not manifested as fully. We need to bring back the balance between the masculine and feminine in order to have a better society. This idea is brought up in the Fuji Declaration, and it is the basis for the Soul of WoMen Global Campaign.

We have invited a group of leaders from outside Japan to discuss the idea of the divine feminine, and how we can strike a balance between the divine feminine and divine masculine. In addition to our in-depth discussions, we are asking these individuals to promote the campaign through various activities that they are engaged in. I would like to introduce each of these leaders who are here with us today.


Ms. Kiran Bali MBE JP (United Kingdom) Global Council Chairperson, United Religions Initiative
May the light of the divine feminine illuminate our hearts and our minds, and may we transmit this healing and love to all of God’s creation.

Dr. Jude Currivan (United Kingdom) Cosmologist, healer, and author
I believe integrating the Soul of WoMen will ignite the divine spark throughout humanity into a flame of infinite love to heal the whole world.

Ms. Marianne Marstrand (Denmark/United States) Executive Director, Global Peace Initiative of Women
My wish is that we invite the divine feminine back into life, so that we can truly honor our mother, the Earth, and bring about the joyful reunion of humanity.

Mr. Alfred Tolle (Germany) Founder and Chairman, Wisdom Together
My wish is: may all beings be full of love and compassion.

Ms. Yuko Tolle (Germany) Alternative medical practitioner
We are, all of us, divine beings—loving, powerful, and free.

Ms. Monica Willard (USA) URI Representative to the United Nations in New York
What an honor to be here. My wish is that all of us anchor our prayers for peace, to ignite the Soul of WoMen in every nation of the world today.

Ms. Lily Yeh (China/Taiwan/United States) Founder, Barefoot Artists
I pray that tenderness and compassion will be the light that guides us to a future blessed with joy and love.

Mr. Gary Zukav (United States) Co-founder, Seat of the Soul Institute
I suggest that we are universal humans in training—adult citizens of the universe who are beyond nation, beyond culture, beyond religion, beyond race, beyond sex—whose allegiance is to life first, and everything else second.

Ms. Linda Francis (United States) Co-founder, Seat of the Soul Institute
It is a joy to be here with you, to join with you, and to honor and illuminate the Soul of WoMan—to see the divine feminine and the divine masculine together in all of you. I love you.

Ms. Belina Raffy (United States/United Kingdom) Founder, Maffick Consulting
What makes your soul smile and laugh? It’s time for all of us to find out.


Also participating in the gathering were members of the Japanese Soul of WoMen network, which was organized by Masami Saionji and includes more than ten former prefectural governors and other politicians and global thought leaders. Through the meeting and activities of these leaders from different parts of the world, and the support of thousands more people across the globe who have registered on the Soul of WoMen webpage, it is hoped that the campaign will help revive feminine values and qualities so that we can create a truly peaceful and harmonious civilization.

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