Byakko Deputy Chairperson Yuka Saionji then took the stage to make a closing address.

Closing Remarks
Yuka Saionji, Chairperson of Byakko Shinko Kai

Thank you very much for attending the 13th annual Symphony of Peace Prayers. Since the first SOPP, the event has evolved and grown so much. Today, over 1,000 people are watching the live stream online, and people in dozens of locations around the world are hosting local SOPP events.

At the same time, the world is heading more and more in the direction of separation and division. This rapid change that we are seeing can make us feel overwhelmed and powerless. But my mother always talks about the importance of focusing on now. What each of us chooses now is what is creating the world today. The fixed ideas, assumptions, and stories that we created in the past no longer work for us. We now must explore beyond our fixed ideas and create a new story together—a story about who we truly are and where we are heading.

That is why the Fuji Declaration was launched. Today, many divisions, conflicts, and other problems are occurring because we have forgotten who we are. We have lost touch with our divine spark—the divine spark that resides within each and every one of us. Unless we return to our true self, there is no way out of the complex mess we are living in.

But how do we bring back our divine spark? Society today is run by the ‘wounded masculine’ and the ‘buried feminine’—that was the phrase that came out of this year’s symposium. Healing the wounded masculine back to the divine masculine and revealing the buried feminine to restore the divine feminine is the first step for us to take.

I would like to share, if only briefly, some of the wisdom that came out of the symposium. In order to bring back balance between the divine masculine and divine feminine, we must not let fear control us. We must cherish the stillness of the divine feminine—the vessel of deep wisdom—and with that, cherish the action of the divine masculine—the vessel to bring that deep wisdom to life. It is the dance of the two. The idea of the divine feminine and divine masculine is not and cannot be about gender. It is about a way of seeing and being, and it is something that resides in everyone. When that dance comes into balance, a shift will occur—from competition to cooperation, from domination to partnership, from criticism to forgiveness.

In order to create a new world and a new story, we need to break down our fixed ideas and be open to things that may not all make sense. We need to know that learning to love and be of service elevates our soul. We need to use our hands, heads, and hearts together in balance, and to know that nature is the gateway—nature has the answer in its design.

We have been destroying the planet, but if we are able to see that vision and connect to our divine spark, then, in the process of restoring the earth, we can make it even more beautiful. We are not just living creatures, but creatures kept alive by Mother Nature. We need to connect to that truth, to bring peace within and act from that, outward. We need to know we are in this together, like a rock in a pond, creating ripples together. To the future generation, we ask them to believe in themselves and live from their divine spark.

This is just some of the wisdom that was shared, but I believe these are the seeds of the divine spark that was born at that gathering. And now, those seeds are being planted in this field, together with all of you today at Fuji Sanctuary. Because, as Gary Zukav said, we believe that Fuji Sanctuary is the place that can nurture and protect these seeds and let them fully bloom in the world. This is the place where the new consciousness of humanity can be birthed.

This sanctuary is the intention and the spirit of Masahisa Goi, and we have kept it alive and sacred. After World War II, when Japan had lost everything, Masahisa Goi had the vision to send peace prayers to the whole world from Japan, and that intention has been kept. No matter what may have occurred in the world, no matter what may have come to our lives, we have held on to this belief in world peace and the divine spark of humanity. We believe this energy field of intention and prayer will play a role like that of Mother Earth, welcoming all people, all creatures, and all of nature to let their beautiful divine spark blossom and shine in the world.

So, let all of us here today plant many seeds of peace and the divine spark. Let us take that first step to creating a new history for humanity. May the new story of humanity begin, so that we may no longer need to pray for each country of the world, or pray through each religion. May peace prevail on Earth. Thank you very much.


In a joyful and heartfelt finale, the national flag bearers once again appeared on stage and proceeded back out into the Prayer Field, forming a sea of color against the gray sky. Participants applauded loudly as the flag bearers filled the aisles of the Prayer Field, until only the Earth flag remained on stage, where it was proudly presented in all directions. Accompanied by a jubilant musical climax and continued applause, all the flags were raised high in the air. Participants raised their own flag cards as well, filling the Prayer Field with the colors of the world and thousands of heartfelt wishes for peace as the 13th Symphony of Peace Prayers drew to a close.

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