Presenting the Divine Spark IN

“Next,” the MC announced, “is the Divine Spark IN, a silent prayer for reawakening the divinity in all human beings. Every human being holds a divine spark within. This IN is formed with profound concentration. It is an unspoken, universal prayer that works to rekindle the divine nature in each person.”

The Divine Spark IN (pronounced ‘een’) was first introduced at the 2018 SOPP, as a new way of praying that is easy to learn and practice, so that as many people as possible may quickly connect with their inner divine nature and contribute to building a peaceful world.

A large group of presenters made their way onto and in front of the stage. Accompanied by a gentle instrumental score, they performed the IN in unison, as the thoughts that describe each movement and breath were introduced:

While inhaling, our whole being concentrates.
While exhaling, the mind becomes empty.
We invite divinity from heaven.
Our true existence radiates light.
We receive divinity from heaven.
This divinity is within us.
The divine masculine and feminine are unified.
Our true self emits divinity to humanity.
The light spreads to each human being.
The divinity in everyone resonates from within.
Everyone remembers the divine self.
Humanity is divine.

In the prayer field, the thousands of participants basked in the transformative energy of the INas it flowed out into the world. A purifying vibration washed over Fuji Sanctuary, setting the tone for the rest of the ceremony. (For more information about the Divine Spark IN, please visit Byakko Shinko Kai’s website.)

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