Paris, France

report by Nicole Cressiot

In France we held a special SOPP online gathering on May 15, with nine participants from the prayer group that regularly meets in Paris. All of us shared the deep desire to be together for the SOPP, to pray for the peace of the world, in unison, with all our heart, especially in this particular global situation. Despite some technical issues with sound and so forth, the ceremony was beautiful.

We began with a reading of Masami Saionji’s SOPP message for 2020. Then, participants shared prayers from various religions or spiritual traditions, after which we read the poem “Creation of the Universe” in unison. We said a prayer for world peace, followed by prayers for peace in 194 countries, organized by continent. We concluded each continent’s prayers by forming the Divine Spark IN. Then, we closed the ceremony by reading together the French lyrics of “We Are All Shining Divine Sparks.”

Some of us also joined in the broadcast from Fuji Sanctuary on May 17, as well as one of the online gatherings based in Italy.

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