Prayers for Peace in Each Country

After a brief pause, the MC announced: “The prayer energy of each one of us has the power to connect the hearts of humanity as one, transcending national borders, surpassing ethnic differences, and crossing the boundary between the material and the spiritual. We now begin the program of Prayers for Peace in Each Country, sending the energy of peace and harmony throughout the world and out into the universe.”

A soft yet solemn piece of music began to play, and participants applauded wholeheartedly as flag bearers carried the flags of 192 nations through the Prayer Field. The music grew more powerful as the flag bearers increased in number, lining up in front of the stage. Finally, their colorful array was joined by the Earth Flag representing all the other regions of the world.

Beginning with the sound of a bell and the universal prayer May peace prevail on Earth, participants offered prayers for peace in each country as its flag was presented on stage. Speaking in the country’s official language(s), they prayed, May peace be in (name of country). Although rain began to fall toward the end of the program, the participants continued praying steadfastly until the end, closing with the prayers: May peace be in all the other regions of the world. May peace prevail on Earth.

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