Messages from Abroad

Many encouraging messages were also sent to Fuji Sanctuary from prayer leaders and guests of previous years—individuals who have become part of a growing worldwide network for peace and raising humanity’s consciousness. We are pleased to publish a few of these messages below.


Maitreyi Amma and the residents of Le Jardin de Safran (France)
Maitreyi Amma was a guest speaker at the 2010 SOPP ceremony.

We would like to wish you all a wonderful 2013 Symphony of Peace Prayers! May this ceremony be full of a very high vibration, may divine love and inspiration flow as well as friendship and deep respect, may the energy of peace be radiated to all corners of the world!

We still have the memory of the 2010 SOPP in which we, thanks to Masami Saionji’s invitation, were able to take part. Being together, praying for peace and celebrating together in such a large gathering, in the energy field of Mount Fuji, is a remarkable and unforgettable experience. This strong memory helps keep us closely connected with all of you on May 19th.

In a spirit of union and divine love and friendship, with special regards to Mrs. Saionji and all our friends in Japan, May Peace Prevail on Earth!


Fr. James Channan OP, URI Regional Coordinator and Director of Lahore Peace Center (Pakistan)
Fr. Channan was a keynote speaker at the 2007 SOPP and a prayer leader at the 2010 SOPP ceremony.

It gives me immense joy to send my greetings of peace and love to each of you who are gathered at Fuji Sanctuary to celebrate the Symphony of Peace Prayers. It is wonderful to see that people from so many different religions are taking part in this very significant and unique event. I congratulate you and thank you for making this possible.

I know that each of you is an Ambassador of Peace. Peace is something which is gravely needed in the world. It is much needed in our hearts, in our families, in our cities, and in our countries. The challenge that faces each one of us is to work even harder to promote peace and avoid all that leads to war.

As I am writing this message I am reminded of the very beautiful and inspiring words of Pope John XXIII. He wrote an encyclical letter in 1963 in which he said, “Nothing is lost by peace; everything may be lost by war.” His words are absolutely true. I have seen with my own eyes that in those countries where there is war or a war-like situation, much is lost every day. There is so much violence, hatred, terrorism, and suicide bombings, with dozens of people killed each day. In such incidents, not only families who have lost their loved ones suffer, but the entire society suffers. I am also aware of some countries that have atomic bomb capabilities and continue threatening other countries. This can only lead to unspeakable misery and suffering for the people. I earnestly hope that the people and leaders of these countries will settle their disputes through peaceful means and dialogue, rather than war. Let us all work even harder to spread the message of peace all around the world, eliminating the threat of war and replacing it with acceptance, love, care, and compassion for one another.

I am happy to know that the world peace prayer movement is serving as a beacon of light to the world in promoting peace, justice, love, and religious freedom. May your efforts bring forth much fruit! I believe that one day there will be peace all around us. Never lose heart in the noble and prophetic cause of peace that you are espousing. Coming generations will certainly reap the fruits of the peace efforts we are making today.

The SOPP is a very significant event which is sure to bring positive change in the world, especially now that it has been observed at the United Nations. We are again observing the SOPP throughout Pakistan, and all members of the United Religions Initiative (URI) and the Peace Center in Pakistan are joining with you in the spirit of the SOPP. We are united with you in heart and soul.


Rev. Karen Lindquist and Imam Jamal Rahman, Interfaith Community Sanctuary (United States)
Imam Jamal Rahman was a prayer leader at the 2007 and 2010 SOPP ceremonies.

It is with true humility and deep sincerity that we send blessings from the Interfaith Community Sanctuary for the upcoming Symphony of Peace Prayers on Sunday, May 19. These light-filled prayer gatherings, which bring diverse peoples together to share in making the vision for peace and harmony a reality, have brought much hope to the world.

We send our gratitude to Masami Saionji for her profound spiritual guidance to all of humanity. We send gratitude to all beings daily practicing the loving tasks so perfectly designed for humanity’s spiritual development and awakening. Together we are attuning to a higher frequency of love.


Mother Mangalam, President, Pure Life Society (Malaysia)
Mother Mangalam was a guest at the 2007 and 2010 SOPP ceremonies.

What is Peace?
What is peace if not in –
giving of one’s self.
sharing of one’s wealth
caring for others
smiling at one’s neighbour
loving without a bargain
understanding your opponent
using your tongue with care
gazing at the stars and the moon
protecting nature’s virginity
delving into one’s conscience
feeling for the weak
abiding by the rule of law
abstaining from greed and anger
expanding our love to all humanity
performing our dharma amid the humdrum of life
using our energy for constructive purposes
subduing the ego in us
living in Supreme consciousness
seeing the One Spirit in all.

Give peace a chance
If that is what you are searching for
For peace begets progress and prosperity
Both in matter and spirit
The basic elements of life’s existence.


Mr. Muhindo Mapendo Kasongo Pascal (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Mr. Pascal has organized prayer gatherings in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since 2010.

Positive thoughts show the way of freedom, peace and happiness. They generate good things. We cannot get bad actions from positive thoughts. On the other hand, bad thoughts cannot produce good actions. They generate conflicts, divisions, violence, adversity, and confrontation between nations, cultures, and religions. They lead to war, injuring not only individuals, but families, communities, ethnic groups, nations, and religions.

But despite the possibility for human beings to do bad, something very positive and powerful exists in every human being: that is freedom. Every human being has the choice to make enemies with someone or to choose the way of harmony, peace and happiness, and so it is very important to give a place to good actions. ‘Good actions’ means to make a contribution to human beings’ happiness, and when we do so, we are assured a good life of harmony with other members of our community, and peace in our own mind.

Our mind is led to good actions when filled with values such as charity, truth, gentleness, unity, reverence for the dignity of all human beings, reverence for all life, harmony, non-violence, forgiveness, and reconciliation. When we make good actions, we promote the culture of peace in our environment, and we insure our own happiness and peace of mind.

The SOPP is a way to exalt humanity’s goodness and the search for harmony and reconciliation among religions and cultures, as diverse as they may be, and to always cultivate respect and tolerance, without which peace cannot be.


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