Introducing the Divine Spark IN

Masami Saionji returned to the stage to introduce the next prayer, called the Divine Spark IN. This IN (pronounced ‘een’) is a wordless prayer comprised of a precise combination of hand and arm movements and deep, peaceful breathing, which helps us to attune ourselves to the divine being that resides within us. Although first introduced in June of 2017, this year’s SOPP marked the first time that the IN was shown to a large international audience. More information about the Divine Spark INis available at, and at


Masami Saionji, Chairperson of Byakko Shinko Kai

In a moment, we will see a demonstration of the Divine Spark IN, so I’d like to explain a bit about it first.

We have within us an innate divinity—a light, power, and energy—that can make anything possible. But why is it that most people in the world have forgotten this divinity? It’s because, over many years and centuries, we have built up preconceived notions and mistaken assumptions, and we have let them get in the way of recognizing our own divinity.

The Japanese term ‘kotodama’ refers to the spirit, or soul, within words. There is a soul that resides within words and within sounds. At the same time, divinity can also reside in shapes and forms. There is power in them. The forms and the flow of the Divine Spark IN have deep meaning within them.

When we form the IN, we have an exchange with the universe, through which we receive energy, power, and light. We develop a feeling of altruistic love and a desire to work for the benefit of others. The vibration of divine life itself wells up within our being. In this way, we change ourselves and our way of living.

For those who are experiencing this IN for the first time, I want to explain that the forms of the movements represent the principles of nature in balance. You might see it as yin and yang, femininity and masculinity, or static and dynamic. There is no need to explain each and every movement. As you watch the IN, please keep in mind that there is a spirit or soul in the movements, and that the IN’s harmonizing light, energy and power reach all people, all living things, and the earth itself. Now, we will see a performance of the Divine Spark IN.


As a gentle and soothing piece of music began to play, a group of presenters slowly made their way from various parts of the prayer field to arrange themselves in front of the stage, on the stage, and in the aisles. Walking in unison, they wore hakama, a form of traditional Japanese dress, and carried ôgi, or folding fans. Their slow, deliberate movements set a solemn tone for the performance of the Divine Spark IN.

The performance of the INwas guided by a narration of the thought, or meaning, that accompanies each movement:

While inhaling, we concentrate with our whole being.
While exhaling, we empty our mind.
We invite divinity from heaven.
Our true self radiates light.
We receive divinity from heaven.
This same divinity is within us.
All within us is harmonized.
We send divine light to all humanity.
The light spreads to every human being.
All humanity resonates with the vibration of divinity…
… and recalls their essential divine nature.
All human beings are divine lives.

When the presenters had completed the IN once, the MC invited participants to join in forming it with the presenters. The music and narration were played again to guide everyone in forming the IN together. In the prayer field, most of the participants joined in making the IN’s hand movements and deep breathing, sending light-filled vibrations throughout the world for the manifestation of humanity’s divine spark.

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