Fuji Declaration Presentation

Inaugurated at the SOPP in 2015, the Fuji Declaration celebrated its third anniversary at the 2018 Symphony of Peace Prayers. To discuss how this initiative has developed over the past year, Mr. Hiroo Saionji, President of the Goi Peace Foundation, came on stage together with Masami Saionji, Chairperson of Byakko Shinko Kai.


Hiroo Saionji, President of the Goi Peace Foundation

Good morning. In May of 2015, at the SOPP, the two of us together with Dr. Ervin Laszlo introduced the Fuji Declaration.

There are two very important principles in the Fuji Declaration. One is that all human beings have divinity within us—we have goodness in our hearts. To put it differently, when we look into the very core of our heart and mind, we find love, forgiveness, and altruism. I am sure that all of you will find these elements in yourselves. Reviving this inner divinity and goodness is one important principle of the Fuji Declaration.

The other is that we live in oneness with all other people and all other forms of life on earth. It does not mean that we must become integrated. There is great diversity on our planet, and we respect this diversity—we respect our differences—and yet, we live in harmony. It is like a symphony orchestra. Of course, a solo violinist can be great, but the harmony that comes from the coordination of many different instruments is special, and that is what we are envisioning. The SOPP brings together people of different faiths and backgrounds, but we are all praying in harmony for peace.

These two very important principles—divinity and oneness—are inherent in human beings. I think that all of you gathered here already manifest these qualities in your daily lives, but in looking at the rest of the world, there are a great many people who have yet to rediscover these elements within themselves and bring them out.

One intent of the Fuji Declaration is to guide people to see the divinity within themselves. 200 co-signatories and over 60 international organizations endorsed the Fuji Declaration at the time of its launch, and since then, they have disseminated this idea through their respective networks. The supporting organizations are realizing this vision through various activities. In February, at a meeting of the African Union, a gathering of 53 countries in Africa, the President of Ethiopia introduced and read the Fuji Declaration.

In 2016, Masami launched the Soul of WoMen initiative, with the aim of bringing the divine feminine and divine masculine back into balance. There is masculine energy within women, and feminine energy within men, and we need to seek a balance of these energies, within ourselves and in our society.

Two days ago, a delegation of Christians from Germany came, and we talked about the Fuji Declaration and Soul of WoMen. They were quite impressed by these initiatives, and they wanted to join in the movement. I think there are many others who, like this group, would participate in the Fuji Declaration once they know about it. This delegation asked one interesting question. They said, you can’t change the world without changing people’s mindset, but is it really possible to change the mindset of seven billion people?

I said to them that I believe in the concept of ‘critical mass.’ When a certain small percentage of the whole population changes their mindset, it becomes a critical mass that creates change throughout the world. However, even if the critical mass is just two percent of the population, that is still 140 million people, more than the population of Japan. The delegates asked if even that would be possible. I answered that, before we reach that large critical mass, we can reach smaller critical masses. International organizations and others are reaching small milestones in order to achieve those smaller critical masses.

What is most important is not to give up. We have to tenaciously keep making efforts. Maybe this won’t be a reality for two more generations, but we have to hold onto our strong commitment and belief. We hope to keep broadening the activities of the Fuji Declaration initiative, and I ask for your continued support and cooperation. Thank you.


A message sent by Dr. Ervin Laszlo, co-initiator of the Fuji Declaration, was then read aloud to participants.


Message from Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Founder and President of the Club of Budapest

The years since the announcement of the Fuji Declaration in 2015 have been perhaps the most critical in humanity’s eventful history. They brought us closer to the critical “Chaos Point” from which there is no return—only moving forward: to breakdown or to breakthrough. During these three years the threat of breakdown has become more evident and real, and for that very reason also the need for and the possibility of breakthrough has achieved greater realism. Crisis is both danger and opportunity, and the choice between them has now become imminent for the global community. At this critical point we do not need massive movements to decide which way to go: the system of humankind has become unstable and open to change. A small but crucial “fluctuation” can shift its evolution. The Fuji Declaration can be, and I believe will be, that crucial fluctuation. It can and will ignite the divine spark in the heart of a critical mass, the spark that will spread and grow, and become the vision and the objective that captures the imagination and wins the heart of responsible people everywhere. Today, three years later, we can say with confidence: “let us fluctuate together: toward a harmonious, humane and sustainable world, the brightest expression of the true potential of the human spirit.” We have arrived at the point of decision, and now we can, and we must, become the path humanity needs to enter to evolve, to flourish, and even to survive on this precious living planet.

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