Closing remarks

Yuka Saionji, Deputy Chairperson of Byakko Shinko Kai

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for attending the 2015 Symphony of Peace Prayers. We are now coming to the end of the program. We are broadcasting this ceremony through a live stream, and several thousand people around the world have viewed today’s event. And, through the Global Link network, the SOPP was celebrated in over 50 locations in 14 different countries.

For many years, we have been praying for the peace of the world, believing in the divinity of human beings, and we have been sending gratitude to nature. Beginning in the years after World War II, long before I was born, Byakko’s members were praying for world peace from Japan. Without receiving any praise, and even if they were not understood by others, they have kept praying for the peace of the world. This is our truth, our life mission, our passion, our joy, and the cornerstone of our lives.

But despite our prayers, the world has become farther removed from peace over these few decades. No matter how much we prayed, the world saw increased confrontation. No matter how much we believed in the divinity of humanity, the suffering and pain of people grew. It was as if a drop of water was thrown into a vast ocean—our prayers were easily swallowed up by the world’s fears and anxieties.

So, we continued praying, we continued sending our gratitude, and we continued believing in our divinity. If people cannot hope for the happiness of others or pray for the peace of other countries, we said, we will pray on their behalf, until the day when everyone can pray for peace. If people cannot see the divinity within themselves and others, we said, we will believe on their behalf, even though people may make fun of us. Even when it seemed so difficult and so impossible, the people sitting here are the ones who continued acting.

But we are not alone anymore. The Fuji Declaration has been launched, and the truth about the divine spark is being sent out to the world—not only sent out, but received as well. The small drop of water is no longer a drop. It is starting to connect with other drops. Around the world, we are being connected with like-minded people. They are our family, and our noble friends. And today, the divine spark is with us—through our music, through our symbols, through our friendship, and through the people who came here together, believing in divinity. It is in our possibility and it is in our reality. It is starting to resonate from here, and you are the ones who made it happen.

Thank you to all the prayer leaders, our honored guests, the beautiful musicians, and to the children who will be singing for us now. Thank you to the people connected with us through the internet, and thank you to the people who are hosting SOPP events around the world. Thank you to the staff, the volunteers, and to all those who have been praying for many years—thank you to you all. And last but not least, thank you to my mother, Masami Saionji, who has devoted her life for this day, believing in the divine spark. She envisioned this day, and has put all her efforts toward it. Thank you to Dr. Laszlo and to my father, Hiroo Saionji, for supporting and working fully with my mother, and thank you to every one of you—the ones who will give life to this vision.

The Fuji Declaration will not manifest in one or two days. It may not produce results so quickly. It may take ten, twenty, maybe even a hundred or two hundred years. But if we consciously choose what we are able to do now, the day will come when the next generation sees it and lives it as truth. I would like to continue to make efforts with all of you. May all humanity let their divine spark shine forth. May peace prevail on Earth. Thank you.

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