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A number of the SOPP guests took time to write about the event on their own website or the website of their organization. They shared their experience of taking part in the ceremony, and some also talked about the Fuji Declaration. We invite our readers to visit these web pages and read these engaging articles in their entirety.


Fr. Dr. James Channan OP, United Religions Initiative

Excerpt: At many opportunities I/we shared about the work of the URI, its challenges, strengths and future plans, and its imperative role in bringing positive change around the globe among people of all religions, cultures and civilizations.


Ben Hart, the Shift Network

Excerpt: It was as if the prayer from each religion…was a sacred instrument and in its sharing, we could experience them all merging into a greater symphony, expressing humanity’s deepest longings and grandest ideals. Following this, the flag of every country was presented and the entire gathering prayed for peace for each country, in the native language of that country. I attended this event three years ago and was again so moved by this display of care and intention. To see thousands of people expressing their desire for peace in every region of the world in every language connected me strongly to our truth as one human family.


Kristin Hoffmann

Excerpt: I just returned from one of the most beautiful and powerful times in my life, performing at Mt. Fuji for the signing of the Fuji Declaration. 10,000 people came to attend this very important day, to affirm and support the statement and goal, “May Peace Prevail on Earth” and to ignite the “Divine Spark” within humanity. It was a true honor to be a part of this majestic day.


Nipun Mehta, ServiceSpace

Excerpt: If I had to characterize Masami [Saionji]’s work in one phrase, it would be this: subtle service. Simple on the outside, deep on the inside. The simplicity makes it accessible to everyone, and the depth gives wings to its ripples.


Roger Nelson, Global Consciousness Project

(also: http://global-mind.org/events/fujideclaration.html)

Excerpt: A Signatories’ Symposium on the 15th was heartening in its shared understandings and unanimous conviction that it is time; that we are the ones we have been waiting for. Our challenge is to maintain and spread the message of peace—to bring the prayer, “May peace prevail on Earth” to more people, and especially to those on the other side of the fence, who are not thinking about the challenges we face on our fragile planet.

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