Fuji Declaration Launch Symposium

An international group of 50 founding signatories to the Fuji Declaration gathered in Japan to celebrate its inauguration. These outstanding individuals work in a wide range of fields—scientists, business leaders, artists, educators, spiritual leaders, and others—with the shared vision of a more harmonious, compassionate, and sustainable world.

On May 15, this group of visionaries took part in a special symposium, held at the United Nations University in Tokyo, to share their perspectives on the tenets of the Fuji Declaration and discuss how the declaration can be applied in their own fields.

In the morning session, the participants were first addressed by the three initiators of the Fuji Declaration who each offered remarks about the timeliness of the declaration and how it can help bring about a positive transformation in human civilization.

Following these remarks, participants were divided into nine discussion groups. Each group consisted of five or six participants, many of whom were meeting for the first time and came from diverse spheres of activity. Following this, they reconvened as a large group to hear ‘starter presentations’ from five individual participants, addressing the question: What is the calling or deep question that has guided your life, and how has it shaped your life’s purpose and the work you engage in?

The afternoon was dedicated to ‘parallel sessions’ in seven groups according to sphere of activity. The groups were Economy/Business, Education, Environment/Technology, Media/Culture, Politics/Governance/Social Activism, Science/Consciousness, and Spirituality/Religion. Each group met in its own room, and each had a dedicated facilitator and a note-taker. In the parallel sessions, each participant talked about the calling or question that has guided their life. From there, they discussed the following questions:

  • What “seeds” of change do you see in your field that may be aligned with the principles of the Fuji Declaration?
  • In your field, what do you see emerging as a new model, and how does it benefit people and planet?
  • What practical actions and strategies can we adopt to forge a new way forward, aligned with the Fuji Declaration?

Each group also drafted a brief statement regarding their vision of a new model for their field in line with the Fuji Declaration. At the wrap-up session to end the symposium, the facilitator of each group presented salient points from the discussion, as well as the draft statement, which it is hoped will inspire positive change in the various fields and spur further discussion. Lastly, everyone was invited to share a final thought—an insight from the day or something special they would take home with them.

After closing remarks, participants gathered informally to continue sharing their insights, impressions, and ideas for future activities.

A full report on the event is available on the Fuji Declaration website.

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