3 events: Jujuy, Neuquén, San Justo


Jujuy, Argentina: report by Delia Graciela Del Castillo

The Symphony of Peace Prayers was celebrated in San Salvador de Jujuy with two events.

On May 20, 12 people gathered at a local foundation that works on issues of environment, education, and sustainability. I am a founding member of the organization and also a member of the Peace Council. Together, we read an article about the meaning of peace, and then each of the participants offered a tribute to Mother Earth, writing words of life, light and joy on a large board.

On May 30, 80 young students from 22 different schools offered prayers for peace with sincere hearts. The event was attended by teachers and authorities at the first ordinary session of the Student Deliberating Council of San Salvador. Our bright and radiant thoughts joined those of the whole planet.


Neuquén, Argentina: report by Patricia Mennutto

Our SOPP event Neuquén was held on May 13 from 4 to 7 pm. The event was open to the general public, and was publicized through local radio, television, and other media. We also invited several religious leaders in this part of Argentina, along with government officials who have shown support. About 100 people took part altogether. We were grateful for the presence of leaders from the Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Evangelical, and Buddhist communities, who led us in prayers for peace.

We read and discussed the Fuji Declaration, talking about our oneness within diversity, and meditating on the declaration’s five affirmations. We then performed a flag ceremony to pray for peace in each country, asking participants to write down a positive word that came to them as they held the flag. It was wonderful to see the participants’ faces filled with love and peace, and it made me realize the importance of continuing to work for the awakening of human consciousness.

I felt the ceremony was a great achievement, creating a feeling of unity in diversity, and I was full of joy afterwards. The next day, I was already making efforts to spread this much-needed spirit to my whole country. Many other participants also expressed their happiness to be part of the creation of a new world, and they talked about doing this work again next year. The prayer leaders agreed that this kind of event is necessary, and they pledged to come back next year. We also have plans to try and promote the event in schools.


San Justo, Argentina: report by Andrea Solana and Elena Becú

Our SOPP ceremony in San Justo, outside Buenos Aires, was held around midday on May 14th, with 70 people attending. After a welcome and introduction, in which we talked about the spirit and intention of the SOPP and the Soul of WoMen campaign, we began our prayers from different faiths and traditions. Prayers were offered from eight different traditions, including Buddhism, Catholicism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Shintoism, and the Baha’i faith, as well as the Great Invocation.

We also had a special prayer called “My Prayer Is Important,” to honor the Fuji Declaration and Soul of WoMen, continuing with a five-minute meditation on the principles of the Fuji Declaration. This was followed by our flag ceremony to pray for peace in each country and region on earth. We closed the ceremony with an activity called ‘round eye connection,’ standing in a big circle.

Overall, the ceremony was really beautiful and powerful, filled with vibrations of peace, beauty, simplicity, and harmony. Many participants expressed their happiness, remarking how connected they felt with each other and with all the SOPP participants around the world.

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