Kiryat Ono, Israel: report by Hagit Ra’anan

At my home, I tuned in to the live broadcast of the SOPP ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary, joining with tens of thousands of people in Japan and all around the world. The blissful energies radiating from Mount Fuji, especially during the SOPP, are amazing! Sitting at home, I could actually feel the fresh air in the Prayer Field and hear the crows above, and I felt like I was sitting there in the grass. After the ceremony (which was in the middle of the night in Israel), I started the new day charged with an amazing energy.

Every year since I was a prayer leader at the first SOPP in 2005, I ask myself how and what can I do better. I remind myself and invite the entire SOPP community to remember that our lifetime is the history that future generations will inherit. It is such a huge responsibility, especially in such challenging times. Nevertheless, we should gain courage and inspiration from this meaningful worldwide gathering. We can achieve peace simply by practicing acceptance of one another, remembering that no matter what, we are all one, and we all share this terrific mission.

I thank everyone for your infinite devotion and infinite divine commitment. In great modesty, I thank you for allowing me to be even a small component of this movement.

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