4 events: Gdańsk, Warsaw, Węsiory, Zachełmie


Gdańsk, Poland: report by Jacek Kozłowski and Agnieszka Gutral

On a beautiful, warm, sunny day, we went to Baltic Beach near Gdańsk. Connecting with the SOPP at Fuji Sanctuary and all the people taking part around the world, we held a peace ceremony in the spirit of the Fuji Declaration and the Soul of WoMen campaign. After a meditation, we prayed for peace and harmony in each country of the world. We gave our gratitude to nature. At the end of the ceremony, we sent thoughts of peace, love and harmony to all humanity.


Warsaw, Poland: report by Monika Kozłowska

On the 14th of May, I held a small flag ceremony in Warsaw. I prayed for global peace, and for peace and tolerance in my country, keeping in mind the aims of the Soul of WoMen campaign. I performed wordless peace prayers and expressed gratitude to nature. I felt full of energy and powerful vibrations!


Węsiory, Poland: report by Danuta Stopienska

In Węsiory, we gathered as a small group of friends, but connected in spirit with many others. We read the Fuji Declaration, performed wordless prayers affirming the divinity of all humanity, and offered peace prayers from different religious traditions. We prayed for peace in each nation, and at the end we gathered together around the Earth flag and sent love and light to our planet and to all people.


Zachelmie, Poland: report by Ewa Zlotkowska

Together with my daughter Anita, we held a peace meditation in connection with the SOPP in Japan and other events around the world. After the meditation, we prayed for peace and created mandalas on the themes of unity, freedom, harmony and abundance. We were connected in spirit with our family and friends in Poland, who did the same peace prayers and meditation in different parts of the country. We sent out peace, love and harmony to all people on our planet Earth.

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