Global Peace Meditation

The Global Peace Meditation has been a part of the SOPP at Fuji Sanctuary since 2008, and each year, American musician Christopher Currell has created a calming yet stirring musical soundscape to guide participants in their meditation. Mr. Currell’s project ishwish creates what he describes as ‘improvised music from the universe.’

The MC announced: “Let us feel the vibration of the universe, and let us spread waves of love, peace, and harmony from this Sanctuary to the world—to the whole Earth, and out into the universe.” Mr. Currell stood alone on stage holding a guitar-shaped electronic instrument which he created himself for the 2009 SOPP. He described the instrument as an advanced version of a Ztar, with “sensors that beam light. I can move my hands through the light and change the sounds without actually touching the instrument.”

Mr. Currell performed for about fifteen minutes, beginning with soft background sounds and intermittent notes in otherworldly voices, gradually adding new sounds. Guided by the flow of the music, participants turned their thoughts to universal peace and harmony. Their thought waves radiated from Fuji Sanctuary to the whole world, and out to everything in existence.

After about five minutes, the soundscape closed and a new one opened, this time with a higher range of tones and a light, extremely gentle and fragile feeling. As he played, Mr. Currell moved his head and arms in an intricate, flowing motion, creating the music as if it were an exchange with the universe. Even as the delicate sounds faded out, Mr. Currell’s hands continued making subtle gliding motions in the air, until finally all movement stopped and the meditation drew to a close.

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