Messages of Peace

Among the distinguished guests attending this year’s Symphony of Peace Prayers was Maitreyi Amma, a spiritual leader from France who promotes the teachings of the Indian sage Sri Tathata.

Although she was born blind in both eyes, Maitreyi Amma explains, she often observed divine phenomena with her inner vision, and while growing up she received guidance several times from Christ and the Holy Mother Mary. At the age of six and a half she miraculously recovered her eyesight, and continued to live while keeping her connection with the Divine. She married and had two sons, and when they were grown, she took the opportunity to travel to India. There, she had a variety of spiritual experiences, leading her in 2000 to meet Sri Tathata, whom she recognized as the great soul who had been guiding and supporting her spiritually since her childhood. The name Maitreyi Amma was conferred upon her by Sri Tathata.

After having received Sri Tathata’s initiation and teachings for several months in India, Maitreyi Amma returned to France where she embarked upon a new divine mission. Presently, she travels around the world holding seminars and other activities aimed at elevating humanity’s consciousness, working in concert with Sri Tathata to elucidate divine truths and teachings. When she visited Fuji Sanctuary in November 2009, Maitreyi Amma was invited to attend the SOPP as a special guest, to address participants with her own message and prayer:


I salute the pure light of consciousness which exists in all traditions under different names. May the light flow into all of us.

I salute the divine idea of peace.

I salute the wonderful presence of Mount Fuji and the presence of the subtle beings of the universe. May we receive their blessing.

I salute Masahisa Goi’s divine Presence and Sri Tathata’s Presence.

I thank Masami Saionji and Byakko for this very beautiful event today.

I salute the spiritual leaders, the young people, and all the people present here.

I suggest we chant ‘Om’ together. ‘Om’ is a cosmic sound, which vibrates in the universe and in ourselves. By chanting the primordial sound, we connect with the divine source. We also deeply integrate our own qualities and we can be at the right place, in harmony with others. So can peace progress.

Now, let us chant ‘Om’ together seven times.


(Maitreyi Amma and participants pronounced ‘Om’ seven times.)


Om shanti, shanti, shanti.

Om shanti: peace in my spirit.

Om shanti: peace in my words.

Om shanti: peace in my heart, and in the hearts of everybody.

Thank you.


Nearly fifty more guests were in attendance at this year’s cere­mony to show their support and join in the prayers for peace. Some of them were prayer leaders or speakers at previous SOPP cere­monies, and all have distinguished themselves in their respective fields. One by one, their names were read aloud by the MC.

Messages were also sent from friends of the SOPP around the world. These included the following:


Ms. Maria Flavia de Monsaraz, Quiron Astrology Center (Portugal)

Ms. de Monsaraz was a participant in the 2007 SOPP Round Table Discussion.

Unfortunately I cannot be with you at Fuji Sanctuary…but I am very pleased to inform you that on that special date, 16 May 2010, I am getting together a group of Quiron students and astrologers to celebrate the ‘oneness of human family’ through meditation. In doing so, I am sure we will be joining you in Japan in the same intention so that peace may prevail on Earth.


Sasha and Renato, Maunacenter for Inner Peace (Italy)

The Maunacenter has supported the SOPP for several years, and holds peace prayer gatherings each year on the same day as the SOPP.

The Maunacenter for Inner Peace in Ragusa, Italy is celebrating with all of you six years of praying for the peace of the world. Every time we have expanded our heart to peace in the world, we felt at home. Whenever we are united with you in vibrations of peace, we felt like a family. Every time our heart and our life is at peace, all the earth is enveloped in peace. In the simplicity of these moments and in their celebration, we felt the dignity of being human and the joy of our lives. Thank you, thank you, for being here right now. Thank you for showing us the door of the heart, where everyone enters in the silence of peace. Thanks to Mother Earth, which makes us realize the harmony of our lives.


Ms. Maureen Goodman, Programme Director, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (United Kingdom)

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University has supported the SOPP and joined in prayer since 2007.

Om Shanti – a greeting of peace. Thank you for all the wonderful work that you are doing to bring peace to our world. On behalf of Dadi Janki and all of us at the Brahma Kumaris, we send you our good wishes, pure feelings and blessings of God’s love, for the ceremony.

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