Looking Toward the Future

This year, Fuji Sanctuary was pleased to welcome a group of eight youth leaders from various countries to participate in the SOPP. Each of these young men and women is actively working to build a peaceful and harmonious world, and as such, they have taken a keen interest in the Symphony of Peace Prayers. They are hoping to host local SOPP ceremonies in their home countries in the future, and so were invited to experience the ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary first hand. One at a time, they greeted participants with a brief message:


Augusto Cuginotti (Brazil / educator)

Mr. Cuginotti researches sustainable systems. In addition, as a spiritual trainer, he holds workshops in various places around the world, empowering the youth who will become tomorrow’s world leaders.

I am deeply honored to be here with you all today, feeling all this energy and sharing this energy with you. As we are blessed to be here, may we carry this blessing home and to all corners of the world. Thank you very much.


Eric Roy (United States / film producer, songwriter)

Mr. Roy was one of the producers of the documentary film Climate Refugees, which has been screened around the world at film festivals and by government officials. The film raises awareness about the increasing number of people whose lives are influenced climate change, as well as discussing some of the solutions to this issue.

I am deeply honored and grateful to represent the United States in the SOPP youth program, while sharing this momentous, consciousness-expanding event with all of you. May we continue to carry hope everywhere and spread love, peace, and vitality to all. Thank you all again, thank you to the participants, thank you to everyone involved in this progressive, loving institution that is Byakko. Go with God. Thank you.


Karoline Buys (Colombia, Germany / interpreter, peace activist)

Ms. Buys works at the Academy for Future Science, an NGO that is working to link science and spirituality. In addition, she is involved with Children of the Earth, an NGO with chapters around the world that promotes spiritual values and global consciousness and helps young people develop peace-building and leadership skills.

I come from Colombia in South America, a country that has been suffering under violence for many, many decades. For me, it is an honor to be here with all of you, sending our unconditional love, our light, and our prayers of peace from our hearts, not only to my country of Columbia, but to the whole world, which is our greater home.

In the name of highest God, known in Hebrew as El El ‘Elyon, and known by many other names by many cultures and traditions, may His name shine a light upon this sacred place, and may all prayers sent from the sacred Mount Fuji to all corners of the Earth help raise the consciousness and open the hearts of the human race as a whole and bless all life. Then, we may recognize who we are—that we are the light, that we are one with the divine, and that our love is greater than anything else, and can transform everything into light. Thank you very much.


Paola Pioltelli  (Peru, Italy / community worker)

Previously a consultant working with prominent firms such as the World Bank, Ms. Pioltelli is currently an active community worker. She visits areas struck by disasters and uses art therapy to help children heal from the hardships they are suffering.

I am extremely grateful and honored to be part of this ceremony. I can take your energy and the feeling of all your hope back home with me for my work, which is often very difficult. Thank you.


Sandro Marcone  (Peru / digital media engineer)

Having realized the power of communication, Mr. Marcone started his own website, with the intention of using it as a tool for building a better society.

It is a great honor for me to be here on this wonderful day. Thank you very much.


Nicolas Atallah (Palestine / media manager)

Mr. Atallah works as a media manager, and is also involved in several youth programs, working to encourage Palestinian youth and give them positive messages.

I am very honored to be representing my country, which has been suffering for a long time from occupation, oppression, and violence. I am really grateful that you are all praying for peace around the world. Thank you.


Gavin James Morgan (Scotland / educator)

Mr. Morgan promotes the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program, which encourages British youth to engage in volunteer and self-improvement activities. In addition, he is involved in creating a youth network to build a sustainable world.

I stand before you here today with deep gratitude, love, and appreciation for the amazing work that each one of you does. Love is the greatest gift to receive, and the greatest gift to share. So, I thank each one of you for the love that you share with everyone. Thank you.


Brian Dickson (Canada / yoga instructor)

Mr. Dickson studied under Neale Donald Walsch, the author of the Conversations with God series of books. As a yoga instructor, he has traveled to more than 60 countries to teach the importance of spirituality.

When I join hands together with all of you and Byakko Shinko Kai to create a revitalized condition for all of life on planet Earth, my spirit cries out, ‘Yes! This is who I am!’ From the depths of my heart, thank you so much for taking the care and stewardship of all sentient beings.


Two days later, on May 18, the eight youth leaders traveled to Tokyo, where they gave a presentation on their various activities to an audience of peace-minded people.

Next, Byakko Deputy Chairperson Yuka Saionji addressed participants with some closing remarks:

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