Messages from Abroad

This year, some one hundred special guests attended the SOPP ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary. They included religious leaders, business leaders, educators, artists, government representatives, and others. Many of them have participated in previous ceremonies, and all are united in supporting the SOPP’s aim of bringing about a world of peace and interfaith harmony. The names of these distinguished guests were read aloud on stage.

On this occasion, Fuji Sanctuary also received many messages from prayer leaders and guests of previous years?individuals who have become part of a growing worldwide network for peace and raising humanity’s consciousness. A few of these messages are offered below.


Pastor Don Mackenzie, United Church of Christ (United States)

Pastor Mackenzie was a prayer leader at the 2010 SOPP.

The Symphony of Peace Prayers is one of the most hopeful signs that there might be a shift coming in the consciousness of the world regarding the meaning of war and the alternative of nonviolent resistance. May it be that SOPP can continue to hold that hope for the rest of the world!

Rabbi Ted Falcon, Ph.D. (United States)

Rabbi Falcon was a prayer leader at the 2010 SOPP.

I join with all of you today and every day in praying for peace. I pray that the peace awakening within the hearts of all people find new voice, and I pray that we learn to walk that deep peace into our world. I share with you a vision of a new world, where men and women celebrate their shared humanity by caring for themselves, for each other, and for their world with compassion and with love.

May peace prevail on Earth. Kein y’hi ratzon?so may it be God’s will.

Sheikh Jamal Rahman, Muslim Sufi Minister (United States)

Sheikh Rahman was a prayer leader at the 2007 and 2010 SOPPs.

The Symphony of Peace Prayers is a unique global event that raises consciousness, opens up hearts and minds and gives humanity hope, joy and vision. The SOPP uniquely honors and cherishes every single county in the world. I have been privileged, as a Sufi Muslim, to participate in this program in 2007 and 2010. I salute the Saionji Family and their community for working so compassionately, persistently and tirelessly to create peace, understanding and harmony on our planet. May Spirit continue to guide and bless them.

Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, Founder-Manager, City Montessori School (India)

Dr. Gandhi hosted SOPP ceremonies at the City Montessori School in 2011 and 2012 (see page 82).

The SOPP is a magnificent event for all humanity, because everyone from every culture and country in the world is welcome to send prayers of peace. It is a vehicle for networking all mankind to unify in the belief that peace can occur on this planet, through the power and energy of peace prayers. I firmly believe that deep within the heart of every human lies an inherent true desire for peace and harmony.


Mr. Muhindo Mapendo Kasongo Pascal (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Mr. Pascal organized prayer gatherings in the Democratic Republic of the

Congo in 2010, 2011, and 2012

Conflicts, divisions, and war are encouraged in different ways around the world, and are the means through which human beings gain wealth. I can give three ways which are common in the world and especially on the African continent: egoism, aggression and violence.

Nowadays, many rich countries are not really safe. Why does wealth make people unhappy instead of making them happy and joyful? Wealth makes sense when it is useful for human beings. To possess wealth is important for celebrating life, but the question is, how do we get wealth? If it is through imperialistic, aggressive means, suppressing people who resist this egoism and ask to be treated with justice, such ways are not good. Wealth must be used in ways which make peace a priority and aim for love and happiness between human beings.

We need positive ways to generate wealth, in order to change the world of conflicts and divisions that it has caused into a beautiful world full of love, peace and happiness. The exchange of wealth for services and products, rewarding courage in work and lovely relationships in business should be the base. We need to be useful to others, because every human being has the mission to help others for the collective happiness.

A peaceful and loving world is possible?it is up to us. We are all called to become peacemakers and people of love, and we have to use our consciousness in order to accomplish our different missions.

May peace prevail on Earth. May our missions be accomplished.

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