Opening Remarks

Masami Saionji, Chairperson of Byakko Shinko Kai

I offer my deepest gratitude to all of you who have gathered here from throughout Japan and around the world to join us at Fuji Sanctuary to participate in the Symphony of Peace Prayers. The SOPP is an event that transcends differences between religious faiths and traditions, uniting us in prayers for peace. Over the past seven years, some two million people in sixty countries have participated in this event.

Fuji Sanctuary, the home of the SOPP, is a sacred site, bringing people of various faith traditions together to envision a bright and peaceful future. The purpose of the SOPP is to allow each participant to experience the truth, history, rituals, and creeds of various religions, by praying together and honoring each other’s prayers, to transmit the vibrations of global prayers out to the world.

As a result, each member of humanity will come to realize that there are no divisions among the various faiths and traditions—that they are all uniquely precious expressions of the great universal law, and that ultimately, each and every member of humanity is a being of light.

The SOPP awakens the resonating light within each and every individual. The ripples of light cause more and more ripples to form, until finally, a magnificent effect is felt by all humanity and all of creation—by Mother Earth, as well as the universe. I feel great hope in knowing that we are sending ripples of light out to the world, and hereby offer my heartfelt gratitude to all of you, who are pioneers of resonating light.

In closing, I would like to make a special announcement, which is beautiful news to all of you who have for the past fifty years been offering prayers for world peace—in rainy and stormy weather, in the scorching heat and in the snow. We have received a special award from the United Religions Initiative. What an honor and privilege it is for all of us! Please welcome the Reverend Canon Charles P. Gibbs.


Rev. Canon Gibbs: Masami Saionji Sensei and distinguished participants in the Symphony of Peace Prayers: it is my honor to present this ‘Certificate of Gratitude and Blessing’ to Byakko Shinko Kai on behalf of the United Religions Initiative:

On the occasion of the Symphony of Peace Prayers at the Fuji Sanctuary, 20 May 2012, the United Religions Initiative expresses its profound gratitude to Byakko Shinko Kai for your spiritual commitment to shine the light of peace in and for our world, a commitment expressed by Masahisa Goi in these words:

“At the foot of Mount Fuji we are now laying the foundation for world peace. Mount Fuji, sacred Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji is a spiritual mountain from whence echo the sounds for world peace. Riding on these harmonious sounds, step by step we advance on the road to world peace.”

May the work of Byakko Shinko Kai be richly blessed as it is a great blessing to the Earth Community. May peace prevail on Earth.


Masami Saionji: The URI is a global organization transcending race, religion, and creed, dedicated to interfaith dialogue, bringing people of various faiths the world over to explore the culture of harmony and peace between the religions of the world. We are very honored to accept this noble award from you. Thank you very much.

This award has been presented to us by the URI as a result of each and every one of your dedicated prayers over the past fifty years. I’d like to thank all of you. This award is a tribute to your very existence and to your prayers. I offer my deepest gratitude to the founder of the URI, the Reverend Canon Charles P. Gibbs, as well as to each and every one of you. Thank you. May peace prevail on Earth.


Next, a large group of presenters entered the Prayer Field from the side, lining up on the stage and in front of it to perform a prayer without words expressed through deep, harmonious breathing. Their silent prayer filled the Prayer Field and Fuji Sanctuary with vibrations of peace and healing, setting a harmonious tone for the ceremony.


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