Infinite Success! SOPP 2014 celebrated joyfully around the world!

2014 SOPP ceremony in Manila, Philippines

2014 SOPP ceremony in Manila, Philippines

From all corners of the globe, messages and reports of Symphony of Peace Prayers ceremonies, gatherings, and connected prayers have been reaching us. Though each event was unique, all of them have expressed the joy they feel in gathering—in their own wonderful, creative ways—to express their wish for peace and harmony among all people on earth. Many of the events included prayers and even leaders from various religious and spiritual traditions, and their beautiful prayers resounded in harmony, as they focused on the one thing that unites all faiths—love.

At Fuji Sanctuary, some 6,000 participants and guests took part in the tenth annual SOPP ceremony, which featured prayer leaders from seven world faiths and a magnificent ceremony of prayers for peace in each country.

Carrying the national flags through the Prayer Field at the 2014 SOPP at Fuji Sanctuary

Carrying the national flags through the Prayer Field at the 2014 SOPP at Fuji Sanctuary

Read more about the ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary on the SOPP 2014 page, or download the “Highlights from Fuji Sanctuary” here:
Download: SOPP 2014 – Highlights from Fuji Sanctuary (PDF)

Joining hands for peace in San Luis, Argentina

Planting a tree for peace in San Luis, Argentina

We are eternally grateful to all the organizers, guests, and participants around the world, who, guided only by their desire to send waves of love, light, and happiness to all people, have made possible the myriad of events that took place this year. Each in their own way, they give shape to the SOPP and make it what it is. Through their shared joy and purity of heart, they are giving expression to humanity’s wish for peace, and are anchoring a spark of a future world at peace—a new Earth rising.

Geelong Bollywood Dancers participating in the 2014 SOPP in Geelong, Australia

Geelong Bollywood Dancers participating in the 2014 SOPP in Geelong, Australia

Later this summer, we will update our photo gallery and archives with photos and reports from the many gatherings and prayer connections that took place this year. Check back here for more information, or connect with us on Facebook for regular updates!

Below is a small sample of the light-filled words we have received so far from events held this year. We hope they convey the sense of oneness and joy that filled people’s hearts during the 2014 Symphony of Peace Prayers. May Peace Prevail on Earth!

A silent meditation took place. We felt a sense of oneness with all people on that day as we focused on our future life in peace. We are so grateful to be part of this great peace family. —Zlatá Idka, Slovakia

We felt joy and happiness to be part of the world peace prayer community, to have a chance pray together with many people around the world, with the consciousness that together we can create a better, happier, and more peaceful world. —Jelenia Gora, Poland

Everyone joined in with enthusiasm and joy on a day of radiant sunshine! Together, we created a vibrant celebration of peace and global unity. —Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thank you for uniting humanity in this common goal of peace on earth. —Sandpoint, Idaho, USA

We felt very happy to join with people around the world in enveloping our planet Earth with loving vibrations through prayers and meditations for world peace. —Baguio City, Philippines

Praying in the collective sense feels very rewarding. Energy is transmitted on a global level, and the feeling of oneness is enlightening. —Geelong, Australia

A wonderful interdenominational celebration for world peace. This year’s SOPP was special in the way many individuals came together to build a kaleidoscope of prayers for peace on earth. It was a lovely day of creating, meditating, praying, rejoicing, singing and dancing. —Bicton (Perth), Australia

 In the early morning (4:00 am local time) on May 18, I joined in the live broadcast of the SOPP ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary. I remember very vividly the first year of the SOPP, when I was honored to present the Jewish faith in the way I see it and practice it. To see the magnitude and advancement of the SOPP nowadays—it is a miracle! Thank you all for allowing me to be with you in my heart. It felt for me as if I was there with you on the field! Miracles do happen! —Kiryat Ono, Israel