May 20, 2018 — The Divine Spark is Revived!

You’re Invited! Save the date for the 14th annual Symphony of Peace Prayers, taking place at Fuji Sanctuary and around the world on May 20, 2018!

Join in this global celebration of humanity’s oneness within its beautiful diversity — a worldwide call for peace and harmony among all peoples and faiths.

In 2018, the SOPP continues its mission to unite all humanity its common wish for peace — a mission that was strengthened in 2015 with the launch of the Fuji Declaration, a groundbreaking initiative calling on all human beings to revive the divine spark that resides within each and every one of us. Through the SOPP and the Fuji Declaration, humanity’s divine spark is being ignited within more and more people, in more and more places throughout the world. In addition, many SOPP organizers have found wonderful, creative ways to include the Fuji Declaration in their SOPP celebrations, further spreading a consciousness of our divine spark.

Learn more about the Fuji Declaration and the Soul of WoMen campaign at

How can you be part of the SOPP?

No matter where you are in the world, you can join with thousands of others in sending out prayers for the peace and happiness of humanity!

Now is the time to start planning your SOPP event. You can organize a large ceremony, gather with friends and family, or simply join in prayers on your own at home. There are great resources and inspirational ideas on our website to help you create a beautiful event that participants and guests will enjoy and remember.

In March, we will ask organizers to register their events on this website, so that visitors to our site can find out where gatherings are taking place. No matter how large or small your event is, we want to know about it! The more registrations we have, the more our SOPP map will be filled with points of light and peace!

We invite you to spread the word with our 2018 promotional flyer, available in English and Spanish. Share it with others online, or print it out on A4 size paper. If you are interested in receiving printed copies of the flyer, please contact us.

Download: SOPP 2018 promotional flyer, English (PDF, A4 size)
Download: SOPP 2018 promotional flyer, Español (PDF, A4 size)

We look forward to joining with all of you in prayers for peace, to lay the foundations of a new, harmonious future for all humanity. May peace prevail on Earth!