Register now for SOPP 2016!

2014 Uruguay bannerNo matter where you are in the world, you can join with us in sending out prayers for global peace and harmony this May! Now is the time to start registering for the 2016 Symphony of Peace Prayers.

There are so many ways to be part of SOPP 2016:

  • Organize an SOPP ceremony in your area, with local religious and spiritual leaders — the larger the better! (See our resources for hosting an event.)
  • Use a local community centre, church, or public park to gather with friends, colleagues, and/or community members to pray for world peace and honor the world’s faith traditions.
  • Invite friends and family to your home and hold a simple peace prayer ceremony.
  • Take part in the SOPP on your own, linking your prayers with thousands of others around the world. You can even join in the ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary through our live internet broadcast (more details coming soon).

If you are planning to participate in any of these ways, we want to know about it! Please register on the SOPP website and add your event to our world map!

The possibilities for holding a ceremony or gathering are truly infinite! Music, dance, visual arts, meditation, walks in nature, candlelight prayers, poetry, silence—anything you can imagine! And of course, we encourage you to join in offering prayers for peace in each country and prayers from different faiths and traditions. For more info and ideas, please visit our resources page!

Support the Soul of WoMen campaign!

SOW logo pinkThis year, SOPP is excited to be part of the Fuji Declaration’s Soul of WoMen Global Campaign—a call to communities worldwide to activate the ‘divine feminine’ in ourselves and our societies, for more balanced world.

For more information, download this introductory brochure:
Download: Soul of WoMen Global Campaign (PDF)

To help support the campaign, everyone registering on the SOPP website will have the option to share their event on the Soul of WoMen webpage.

The grand ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary in Japan will take place at 10 am on May 15. We invite everyone to hold their events as close in time as possible, so that the power of our combined prayers will be that much stronger. Of course, you are always free to hold your event on whatever day is most convenient for you and your participants.

Together, let us celebrate the energy of love that unites us, and the divine spark that resides at the core of our being. We look forward to receiving your registrations, and to co-creating a new world through the SOPP!

May Peace Prevail on Earth.