SOPP supports Soul of WoMen

Soul of WoMen 500 x 191 TWe are thrilled to announce the official launch of the Soul of WoMen Global Campaign!

Marking the first anniversary of the Fuji Declaration, Soul of WoMen is a call to women and men in communities worldwide to activate the ‘divine feminine’ within ourselves and our society, for a more balanced world that embraces both the feminine and masculine energies. The Fuji Declaration envisions the creation of a new civilization, but to achieve this our world needs more love, more compassion, more nurturing, cooperation, and forgiveness. Only when we are able to restore balance between the masculine and feminine energies can we fully ignite our divine spark and open the door to a new era.

We encourage everyone to visit the new Soul of WoMen web page to learn more and support this campaign. You can also download this introductory brochure and share it with friends, family, and colleagues:
Download: Soul of WoMen Global Campaign (PDF)

To support this campaign, all SOPP 2016 registrations will also be shown on the Soul of WoMen campaign page, with the permission of event organizers. If you will be holding an SOPP event of any size (even on your own!) this year, please register your event now!

Sing along to “We Are All Shining Divine Sparks”!

At the 2015 SOPP ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary, a beautiful new song was introduced to celebrate the inauguration of the Fuji Declaration: “We Are All Shining Divine Sparks”. Later in the year, an English version of the song was recorded, and now everyone can sing along with our new karaoke video!

The upcoming SOPP is the perfect time to share this song and sing it together!

May Peace Prevail on Earth.