This year’s SOPP is MAY 19 — be part of the worldwide celebration!

Chile 2012

SOPP ceremony in Santiago, Chile, 2012

Celebrate peace, harmony among faiths, and the oneness of the human family by joining in the 9th annual Symphony of Peace Prayers! May 19 is the date of this year’s SOPP, and events will be taking place around the world on or near that date.

The SOPP is an opportunity to give expression to our deepest wish for all humanity to live in peace, as one diverse family, respecting and honoring each other’s cultures, traditions, and faiths. Through the wide spectrum of celebrations held over the past 9 years, the SOPP has been a source of inspiration to many, expressing the vision that another world is possible. Your participation in this year’s SOPP helps to further this vision by spreading vibrations of peace on a global scale.

From a large-scale ceremony, to a simple gathering, to a connection in spirit only, there are infinite ways to join in this global celebration. Absolutely anyone can create and organize an event, whether large or small, public or private, and join with friends and family to add to the pool of peaceful energy.

For more information, please see the Get Involved pages of this website, especially the Resources for hosting an SOPP ceremony or peace prayer gathering. If you are planning an event on or near May 19, please Register the event on this site to let everyone know that your part of the world is being represented!

We invite you to make this global celebration your own and lend your voice to a moment where love, peace and harmony reign on earth.

We also ask for your support in promoting the Symphony of Peace Prayers within your own network. Pass on this website, and connect with us on Facebook!

May Peace Prevail on Earth!