Impressions from Participants

Following the 2021 Symphony of Peace Prayers, many people around the world who took part in the online ceremony sent us their impressions and experiences. We are pleased to share some of these with our readers.


Infinite deep gratitude and love to all at Fuji for this truly wonderful SOPP. It was absolutely beautiful, a pure moment of grace, of healing, peaceful, silent vibrations of love embracing the world, a glimpse into what is on the way—the world of awakened divine sparks.

Nicole Cressiot (France)


Wow! That for me has to be the most magnificent, wonderful SOPP I have ever experienced. All segments were so beautifully presented, balanced and filled with overflowing love. Thank you to all who made this professional and joy-filled presentation possible. How happy are we, who live away from Fuji Sanctuary, that we have been able to participate fully today.

Jenny Funston (Australia)


What a powerful, beautiful, and uplifting SOPP! Sending much gratitude to all who participated in allowing this co-creation to blossom for the healing of our planet. The subtitles really held my focus and made for a nice flow. The recording and bringing together of the different presenters and variety of components made for a ceremony of pure delight. I loved the music and the inclusion of snippets from Source of Wonder.

Rosalind Gregg (Australia)


Thank you for the amazing program. It was beautiful. May peace be in every being on the planet Earth. May our missions be accomplished. With infinite peace and happiness.

Klara Hodničová


Just wonderful and delightful! Very close to perfection! Can’t wait for the next SOPP. All is perfect and complete with divine sparks! Infinite Gratitude and infinite love.

Reiko Kamozawa (USA)


It was a great opportunity to participate via the Internet in the Fuji Sanctuary SOPP ceremony, with many people around the world. Praying with many spiritual leaders from different religions always touches me deeply, especially to see deep devotion and gratitude to planet Earth, to nature, and to humanity. Thank you very much to all who organized this event, to the Saionji family, and to the participants for their prayers.

Jacek Kozłowski (Poland)


The ceremony was wonderful! Every part of it was splendid. What I remember most clearly is the Native American leader’s prayer of gratitude to nature. So sincere and so deeply moving! I also loved the prayers for each country. This year’s prayer was the best ever! It was very short, with just one word for each country. Short but very powerful. This year’s ceremony was the best one yet, I believe.

Mary (USA / Japan)


I have never seen such a beautiful, moving ceremony. Like Masami Saionji, I was in tears. They were not tears of sympathy, but tears of heartfelt emotion. May humanity’s divine spark be revived!

Chiyomi Prasithrathsint (USA)


It was a wonderful SOPP, such a great love emanating in all programs. Thank you to Masami Saionji and all the Saionjis, Mr. Naya, all the prayer leaders, and everyone involved. The music, the video, the nature… I was very moved.

Caterina Putignano (Italy)


The SOPP was really beautiful and powerful. It was amazing and touching to pray together with each religious leader, with Masami Saionji, Yuka, Rika, and Maki Saionji, and everyone at Fuji Sanctuary. It was so powerful and beautiful to see the flag ceremony performed by everyone at Fuji Sanctuary. The program was amazing, so full of love and beauty in all ways—the music, the songs, and the images—during all the YouTube broadcast. I felt so much warm light, and peace. I feel only gratitude, to everything and to everyone. Infinite gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Andrea Solana (Argentina)


The production was seamless, really moving, touching, and beautifully put together. The creative videos, especially the opening, were amazing!  rocomoon was amazing! The flag ceremony went well too. I wish Mount Fuji were showing in the background all the time. When it peeped out it was so beautiful! It was great to see the Byakko staff as flag bearers. Really great job, they did.

Fumi Johns Stewart (USA)


Thank you so much for the wonderful SOPP. It really was magnificent, and I will watch it again. I was very moved by the words of Masami Saionji and especially felt a connection to Chief Phil Lane, and was so inspired by the Source of Wonder clips. I loved the music—so very calming and uplifting at the same time—and the photos of nature made my heart sing. Thank you to all Byakko staff, and to the Saionji family. Thank you to all that made this so heartfelt and touching.

Diane Vanaria (USA)

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