Musical Performance

Yuka Saionji thanked participants for their prayers for all countries and regions of the world. Next, she introduced this year’s musical performer, Japanese composer and vocal artist rocomoon. rocomoon describes her voice and music as “transcending the boundaries of language and nationality, flowing out as if in response to the earth, trees, water, and other natural elements, like a powerful yet gentle wind that envelops the listener, quietly and deeply echoing and spreading ripples through the fountain of distant memories that lie deep within the body.” Her music typically does not have words—rather, the vibrations of rocomoon’s voice are used as a form of prayer.

Over the years rocomoon has collaborated with numerous musicians, dancers, and other artists. She was part of the musical group S.T.K., and has released two solo albums as well as a double album with Toshiyuki Yasuda.

rocomoon’s piece “Somewhere in Spring” provided the musical backdrop to the scenes of nature and prayer presented at the opening of the SOPP and before the prayers for peace in each country. Here, she presented a new piece called “Leaf Vein,” composed specially for the SOPP.

In her video, rocomoon was in a natural setting, surrounded by forest, rocks, cliffs, and small waterfalls. Against an atmospheric instrumental backdrop, her ethereal voice rang out in beautiful, high tones, producing a sound that enveloped the listener in gentle waves of melody and harmony—a fitting final segment to this year’s ceremony.

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