Buenos Aires: report by Andrea Solana

The SOPP ceremony in Buenos Aires was super! Almost 200 people attended, and everything was full of pure light.

We started at 1 pm with music, dances, making paper cranes, and writing mandalas. These activities were done outdoors, with the beautiful sun and a calm breeze. Men, women, and children from different religious backgrounds all danced together as one.

At 3 pm, we went inside and started our flag ceremony of prayers for peace in each country. After that, we had prayers, meditations and songs from different cultures and religions. Participants joined together with one voice, one heart, one mind and one spirit. Everyone was connected, and many of them said that they felt a deep peace.

Speaking for myself, the ceremony was really very moving. It was like I could touch the peace with my hands. Everything was full of a beautiful and strong white light. I felt deep gratitude and infinite happiness. My husband, who has never joined in activities like this before, also said to me that he could feel a deep sense of peace.

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